Christmas Chaos….

Yep!…  PD Bob’s back and with his new sidekick, Oscar the Cat….  After months of hearing rumors and short messages from the elusive Furbot, they show up late Christmas Eve at MR Headquarters – Tired, Cold, Hungry, and Dirty (as in SMELLY dirty!)…..  Jabbering at over a 100 miles per hour about all the places they had been, etc., I finally got a word in and told them, “It’s Late, I’m going to bed, clean up, and I’ll talk to you two Christmas morning”…..  I locked my bedroom door behind me…..  I went to sleep thinking about the great Christmas feast I was going to fix myself  the next day….   Boy, did that go wrong!….  Upon opening my door Christmas morning, I was knocked backwards – The place smelled like an NFL locker room right after a 1000 yard offensive game….  Offensive is the right word, there were tears in my eyes…..  As soon as my vision cleared, I had to clear a path through all the dirty clothes and junk that was everywhere!….  How could two small Furbots carry so much stuff?…..  Then I noticed that the refrigerator door was wide open – and it was EMPTY!….  The cabinets were the same!  Something was boiling over on the stove and there were empty cans and trash everywhere!….  My Christmas dinner was in the bellies of the two snoring Furbots who were draped over the couch and on the floor….  All my Christmas presents had been opened also….  I guess they thought it was New Year’s Eve because they had themselves a Hell of a party!…..  To finish this off, I went out to eat and placed PD Bob and Oscar on Lockdown and Double Secret Probation…..  They’re staying on Lockdown until the place is back in order and then I’m seriously considering putting them up for adoption…..  Anybody want a couple of cute, fuzzy, lovable Furbots?…. No questions asked!….

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