Sir P.D. Bob and Sir Oscar…..

I was beginning to worry about what had happened to our two semi-favorite Furbots…..  Apparently, they have been in England and have done something extraordinary for the Crown…..  They crawled their way in about 2:00 am this morning, wearing medals and sashes of honor…..  Whether they actually earned/deserved them is another matter entirely!…..  They demand that I address them as their “Lordships” and that I wait on them hand and foot…..  I’m about ready to give them the “Foot”, more commonly known as, “A Boot to the Head”……

They immediately started rummaging through all of my collectibles, stating that those “British Yo-Yo’s” are nuts about anything American that is collectible, and how they were going to make a fortune off of MY stuff…..  I had to remind their Lordships that it was MY STUFF – Told them to knock it off for now, as it was closing in on 3:00 am, and get their Royal Highness’s into bed and leave me alone….  They were still jabbering when I fell back to sleep…..  Something about using the Blog to sell MY STUFF to the MR Community under the name of, “Sirs PD Bob and Oscar’s Bargain Basement”…..  “Royalty Deals for Those in the Know – All the Cool Stuff you didn’t Know You Needed – UNTIL NOW!….

This will be continued……  (HELP! me, if you can!)….


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  1. The Furbots are already at it….. They posted my classic ’52 trumpet on craigslist today….. If anyone is interested in the MR Community, I’ll give you a discount….. Just leave a comment on this Post…. Those two like to overprice things…. Here’s the link:

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