A Tough Decision…..

…..That needs to be made SOON!….. Over the past few months, I’ve had 233 User Registration Requests, The same number of E-mail complaints because I turned down THE (as in one) author of the requests, and, lately, I have awoke to onion juice and pepper soaked notes pinned to my pillow stating, “I WANT TO MAKE MY OWN POSTS ON THE BLOG – OR ELSE!”….. I am most amazed at the little Furball’s ability to come up with 233 variations of “Prairie Dog Bob” for a User Name……

I am fully aware that Jek and I have to ability to edit and/or delete anything he Posts or Comments on, but, it wouldn’t surprise me if that, once he’s in, he may take over the Blog completely!…..

PDB and I had a long discussion (again) over it, and came to a compromise…… If he can get enough of the MR Community to support letting him become a member, I’ll approve one of his 233 applications….. So, it’s up to you, fellow members – “Should PD Bob be approved and accepted into the MR Community?”…… He’s agreed to stop with the notes on my pillow (for now) and abide by the majority….. He claims he would be a great asset to the Goofiness, and has lots of “Good Stuff” we need to know about…… So-o-o, What Say You?……

24 Responses to “A Tough Decision…..”

  1. Come ‘on, people, vote for me!….. I’m you’re underground, undercover, under-sized Super Snooper….. I will give the MR Community ALL the dirtiest dirt on any subject…. Just make the Comment, “PDB’s for ME!”…..

  2. Don’t look like their burnin’ up the Internet to give you the green light….eh?, PDB?…… Remember, no more nagging until the votes (if any) are in….. You got Seven (7) Days…… You better start a personal tour of all the MR members…… Maybe not?……

  3. Did we decide whether prairie dogs taste like chicken?

  4. No, I think we decided that they look like chickens with fur……

  5. In PDB’s case he likes the taste of chicken. I heard him say one day “I love the taste of fried chicken in the morning taste like victory.”

  6. #6 by huskysooner

    MR, I’ll go ahead and offer use of the .22/250, which is perfect for prairie dogs. But on second thought, this all really smacks of the plot twist to
    Fight Club.

  7. I noticed PD Bob reading the Blog and jotting down names with notes….. He wanted to make another comment, but, I told him,”No more comments until after his deadline next Monday”…..

    Robo, PDB said as far as the Fried Chicken thing, he was a Leg “Dog”, and loved a well-fried cold leg in the morning…..

    HS, I don’t think he understood your comment, as he told me he would love to use your .22/250, even though it will hurt his shoulder some after he modifies it for Auto Fire….. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched “Fight Club”….. I’ll have to dig out the DVD and refresh my memory of the plot…..

    UPDATE: I did notice that the keys to the MR HQ Armory have disappeared and PDB did print out a complete list of MR Community members….. He’s been bugging me about addresses…..

  8. Really, can we stop him. Isn’t this more about what we can do to defend ourselves?

  9. 9 Comments and no votes either way. Sounds like the community is afraid of PDB. Why stop him if we help him he can do anything. PDB for president. He’d be better than anything that has run for office in years. (any office)

  10. #10 by huskysooner

    You misunderstand me, MR. It’s the perfect cartridge choice for shooting _at_ prairie dogs!

  11. Anon, I think PDB’s bark is worse than his bite, and, besides, like Robo states in Comment #9, If PDB thinks we’re behind him, he’d focus his aggressions toward anyone that’s NOT in the MR Community…..

    Seems as if PD Bob has Robo’s support and I’ll give him mine with sort of a twist….. I say we make Prairie Dog Bob our “Official Mascot” and “Security Officer” with limited Posting and Commenting Privileges…. He’ll be on a Three (3) month probation period…. If he minds his manners and proves somewhat useful, we’ll make it permanent, and, No, PDB, the job does not come with a paycheck!…..

  12. We were Posting at the same time, HS, and, No, I didn’t misunderstand you, PDB did….. He took it that it was a perfect weapon for a Prairie Dog to use….. Maybe he’ll accept the “Mascot” offer and be happy….. Besides, I’ve faced-off with him with Paintball guns, and, he’s impossible to hit….

  13. OK, I’ll go for it…….assuming prairie dogs taste like chicken or close to it.

  14. What are you agreeing to, Anon?….. That we accept PD Bob as Mascot, or that we attempt to blow him into chicken parts with HS’s .22/250?……

    PD Bob did tell me that he takes a long, lingering bath each night in warm Chicken Broth while nibbling on a Chicken Fried Chicken Leg….. That’s a Chicken Leg fried by a Chicken (PD Bob’s Chef, Pluck)….. Is that Cannibal-Chickenism?….. I don’t know, the Chicken didn’t eat the Chicken, he just cooked it…. Maybe it’s Chicken-Prairie Dogism? Confusing?……

    I don’t know about other Prairie Dogs, but, I’d bet PD Bob just might tend to have at least a Chicken-Flavored after-taste….. We may never know, as he claims he has a protection treaty with the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, and they have a treaty with our Government, and, so on, and so on…….

  15. I was thinking of a backup plan in case things go bad.

  16. I know a person should never make an assumption, but, I assume, Anon, that you agree to have PD Bob as a Mascot, but, you think that we need a back-up plan in case he gets out of hand and wants to become Community Dictator?…. If this is what you’re thinking, let’s hear your back-up plan….

  17. I thought he was allready our UNofficial Mascot?
    As for my vote, I say let Fur Butt have full privlages. maybe he can stir the pot a little bit around here, I feel he will bring a new vision to our little community, now type this, I feel that PDB has a lot to say. Don’t type it that way. [I’m just writing what he says] …………..Oh was I not supposed to write that? PUT DOWN THE TAZER!!!

  18. You should’a stayed on the road, J., PDB’s been on stakeout since this Post went up…. I now know it was your house….. He’d take his little backpack, stuffed with donuts and fried chicken legs, and head out at weird hours, then come in just long enough to re-supply and be gone again…..

    We’ll have to consider your vote as one made under duress….. I’d like to know where he got the tazer?…. There wasn’t one in the Armory……

  19. I vote a conditional yes. If he gets out of hand we grill him.

    Nows the time for everyone to submit their favorite BBQ sauce.

  20. A very loose interpretation of “Grilling” someone, Anon, but, it might just be enough to keep him in line…….

  21. Tastes like Chicken

  22. Can we get a writing sample? A resume? It may be hard to close the door in 3 months.

    I like Chipotle with mine.

  23. #23 by huskysooner

    Chipotle? Mmmmmm. PDB Barbacoa.

  24. So, most of you want to make PDB the 58th ingredient of “Heinz 57” sauce?….. eh?…. I’ve convinced him that a little “Ribbing” goes along with anything that happens in the MR Community……

    To bring this all to a close, I’ve also convinced him to be happy with the Mascot job and limited his Posting and Commenting ability to that of an unregistered user….. That way any Post or Comment by PDB will be held in moderation until Jek or I read it and approve it for publishing….. He wasn’t pleased with that at all, but, I informed him that, right now, in his present state, it wouldn’t be a good time for him to Post anything….. Sort of an Ego management thing…..

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