Whereabouts Unknown…..

…PDB has gone missing!!! He disappeared sometime while I was in the Great NorthWest….. When I returned MR HQ was totally ram-sacked….. I found the following sketch lying in a dark corner……

ID Drawing I’ve been so busy checking all his known hangouts, phoning any and all of his connections I know, and so far no PDB….. I know he was working underground on important stuff that will effect all our futures….. Hopefully, he hasn’t fallen into evil hands….. If the furry, fuzzbot shows up at your door, give him all the cooperation he requests, no matter how outlandish it might seem – And please notify me via this Blog with the codeword “Peanut”….. The future of our nation may depend on it!!!!…. (Note to Anon: Told you…. eh?…..

19 Responses to “Whereabouts Unknown…..”

  1. Looks just the same as I remember him, Hasn’t aged a bit. Must be the booze and prairie grass diet.

  2. Several of my old (and I do mean old) friends, now look very similar to PDB, as shown in the sketch.
    Looks like one of those wanted sign drawings.
    You probably don’t have any actual photographs.
    With his insider connections, PDB probably has the ability to become invisible when photographed.
    Am I correct?

  3. If you mean by diet, Anon, the double-aged Harvey Wallbangers he carries in his stainless steel flask, which needs constantly refilled, and the free beer nuts and popcorn PDB consumes at the various dives he frequents during his “research” (that’s what he calls it), he does does look rather well, or, should we say well preserved…..

    Sunn, PD Bob only takes photos, he somehow makes sure he’s not in any of them….. As you said, he has the ability to become invisible when anyone around him snaps a photo….. I once looked for him for a week, wondering where he was and what he was up to, when all of a sudden the stuffed desk lamp I had been using for the past week started laughing….. It was PDB, he was up to one of his experiments, seeing how long it would take me to figure out it was him…… I had just thought it was another one of those stupid mementos he had drug-in from one of his adventures….. I have to admit, PDB made a great lamp – I kinda miss it…..

  4. —— FLASH —— I just got a strange phone call – it was in Morse code and it contained the codeword “Peanut”…… Since my Morse code is a little rusty, especially verbally, it took me a while to decipher, but, it was PD Bob….. After about two minutes of Looney Tunes cussing (*#$%*@#$%^&) me for posting the sketch and messing about in his current undercover double top secret adventure, he said he would be in contact with a full report in the next few days – MAYBE!!!…. Secret little snot that he is, it was good to hear from him, so expect more about the GREAT PDB (his words) and how to survive in today’s world without being seen…..

  5. MR, you could always take the taxidermy route (when appropriate).

  6. Sunn I have it on good authority that PDB thinks taxidermy is a U.S, government conspiracy.

  7. Robo, aren’t most things reported by the guvmint?

  8. Considering his diet, I’m guessing PDB no longer tastes like chicken.

    Is there a reward or bounty offered on PDB? How much? Baked or Fried? Just wondering.

  9. Anon, I figure since he’s a turkey & thanksgiving around the corner……………………………

  10. Self basting.

  11. wasn’t there a fad about beer turkeys a few years ago?

  12. This year Wallbanger P Dogs.

  13. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  14. Isn’t that PDBratwurst?

  15. You guys looking over your shoulder? I thought I heard something.

  16. I assume you all are aware that you have probably made PD Bob’s “To Do” list….. Right up there with overthrowing terrorist governments and the current administration…..

    Anon’s right – I’d be looking over my shoulder frequently and watch out for stuffed animal lamps magically appearing in your home, office, or car…….

  17. I’m not real worried PDB has a very long “To Do” list. But just it case that PDBratwurst was a little mean. Funny but mean.

  18. Should have known. PDB now has a Facebook page.

  19. Hey, whose that skinny ass impostor? Big, big trouble now.

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