Missing Person(Amber Alert)

The community Authorities are looking for a missing person. Last heard from on 10/19 Last known whereabouts Seattle, WA Subject is known to frequent Coffee shops, and Weird Soda tastings, as well as music listening parties. Subject is married, no children. He is known to be employed as a computer programming expert/Tech. Subject has a sharp wit and has been known to talk his way out of troubling situations with ease at times. He has been rumored to have traveled to Hawaii in the recent weeks. Subjects name is Jek. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this missing person please inform the MRambler authorities. There is no reward but the peace of mind that you will get from outing him from whatever hole he has crawled into!!!!

6 Responses to “Missing Person(Amber Alert)”

  1. With Jek there is no peace of mind. One rainy day I believe I saw him disappearing through a Star Bucks door. Unsighted since. May have changed appearance. Has been known to alter hair in bizarre ways.

  2. Addendum To Origional Post: Subject last seen sporting Huge “Mutton Chops” and could be wearing bright Multi Colored Costume wo/Cape. Also may have short hair, has been known to have long hair for wig making.

  3. they seek him here
    they seek him there
    those Frenchies seek him everywhere
    is he in heaven
    Is he in hell
    that damn elusive Pimpernel.

  4. I last saw him traipsing through a bamboo forest on O’ahu.

    Bamboo Forest

    Unfortunately there was a pig control in progress, and I don’t think he was dressed properly.

    Pig Control

  5. Welcome back to the world. MR told me that you have been just Slammed at work. I bet the Hawaii trip was a welcome change of pace, Remember all work and no play makes jek a nervous wreck. I’m guessing that the only place that one would see a “Pig Control” is Hawaii or Arkansas.

  6. Well, it’s good Jek turned up – “Still Alive and Well”….. I thought I was going to have to put out an “Alert” on myself….. Been missing from the blog a while due to the ol’ “Flu Bug” for lack of a better term….. I’m back now (I hope)…….

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