Music Trivia 11.04.07

For all you younger guys.

1.This group was formed in 1988 by Oxford University students. and released their debut album “Pablo Honey” in spring of 1993. Who are they?
2.In 1994 Dave Grohl formed this group named after a WWII Group that investigated UFO’s
3.This band formed in 1988 in Chicago and went on to be one of the ‘90s top bands disbanding in 2000 they are associated with the halloween symbol.
4.Guns N Roses Meets Stone Temple Pilots in 2003 and released their debut album Contraband Who is this group?
5.This artist is known as the horror king of music. He wrote the theme song for Howard Stern’s radio show and he recently rereleased Halloween.

5 points.

4 Responses to “Music Trivia 11.04.07”

  1. #1. Radiohead.
    #2. Foo Fighters.

  2. I guess using “David Bowie” as an answer for all of them wouldn’t work, would it?……

  3. 3: Bats and pumpkins are all that come to mind here. So I’m going to say Smashing Pumpkins. Although I wouldn’t have pegged them as one of the 90’s top bands…but that may just be me.

    4: Well, I know Slash and some of the other Guns became Velvet Revolver. But I don’t really know anything about that Stone Temple Pilots reference.

    5: I’m guessing Rob Zombie since he just redid Halloween.

  4. HS: 1, 2, Correct.2 pts Izzard: 3, 4, 5, Correct.3pts MR; 5 negs remember this is not the board game. Btw Izzard VR consists of.

    Slash, (Guitar) Duff McKagan (Bass) Matt Sorum (Drums) GNR, Dave Kushner (Guitar) Wasted Youth/Dave Navarro, And Scott Weiland (Vocals) Stone Temple Pilots

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