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Beowulf, An Epic (sort of)

I just seen an trailer for the new movie Beowulf Debuting 16 Nov. As many of you know we have referenced a project that we did several years ago for Jek, a video adaptation of this literary classic. Starring MR Central Alumni, Myself(J.J.) Jek, Izzard. and others. Picture this. I played the villain Grendel’s mother. […]

DID YOU KNOW…..I didn't think so…….Pickers And Stealers

The hands. In French argot hands are called cialis online “harpes, which is a contraction form of “harpions”; and harpion is the Italian “arpione”, a hook used by thieves to pick linen, etc., from hedges. A “harpe d’un chien” means a dog’s paw and “Il mania tres bein es harpes” means he used his fingers […]

Speaking of the Holidays….

I know the Holiday Season has appeared way too fast for me….. Where did the time go?….. I’m already behind and it’s only November 1!….. Apparently, the Community has started the “Season” really early also….. It seems everyone has disappeared….. Where did you all go?….. Can I come along too?…… I’m beginning to forget all […]