MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – “Everything But –

the Kitchen Sink”….. Here’s some weird and unusual one’s for the last quiz….. These shouldn’t be easy, although the subject matter is familiar….. Points awarded as noted in the questions…. I’ll get J.J. to help me count them – Maybe “Not”……

1. What are the “Seven Virtues”? (One (1) Point Each)….
2. On the other hand, What are the “Seven Deadly Sins”? (One (1) Point Each)…..
3. How are Kublai Khan and Genghis Khan related? (Two Point Three (2.3) Points)….
4. What is a “Shogun”? (Two Point Three (2.3) Points)……
5. How long is a Cosmic Year? (One Point Seven (1.7) Points)
6. How fast does the Earth travel around the Sun? (One Point Seven (1.7) Points)……
7. How big is a Hockey Puck? (One (1) Point)……
8. How wide is a Golf Hole? How deep is it? (One (1) Point Each)……
9. Why did bottles of Dr. Pepper bear the numbers 10, 2, and 4? (Two Point Three (2.3) Points….
10. What does M&M stand for? (One Point Seven (1.7) Points)…..

That’s it….. J.J. – Give me a total on the number of Points available….

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  1. 2. Envy, lust, gluttony, pride, sloth, wrath, greed

    6. Hmmm. Assuming an average distrance from the sun of 150,000,000 km….. 150,000,000 km*2*pi/(365 d*86400s/d) =30 km/s

  2. 1: The only ones I think I know are: patience, kindness, chastity and charity.

    4: A general. It’s a military rank. Tom Cruise is the last one.

    9: It’s Dr. Pepper time! 10, 2 and 4 o’clock are the times when you should drink a Pepper to keep you going through the day. I grew up on this stuff…any time was Dr. Pepper time in my day.

    10: Mars & …something. Do I get .85 points for that?

  3. 6:

    The snarky answer in angular measure would be 360 degrees per year.

    As for a linear measure, we can do a back of the envelope calculation:

    Earth-Sun distance ~ 93 million miles.
    That gives an orbit length of 2 * pi * 93M = 584336233 miles.
    The earth goes around the sun in about 365.25 days.
    Dividing gives us 1599825 miles/day, 66659 miles/hour, 1110 miles/minute, or 19 miles/second.

  4. 3. Father, son.

    2. Huskysooner, you put in greed for avarice.

    1. Faith, hope charity, prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance.

    10. Mars & Mounds ?

    6. Really fast. It takes a year as any loobie knows.

    What? You guys stay up all night to get a jump on us out here on the Left Coast? There should be a satellite delay or something.

  5. Anon’s right – The next quiz will be posted in the afternoon so that all the Community Loobies are awake and ready…..

    HS strikes first going for the Deadly Sins right off the bat. (Hmmm) He got Five of the Seven….. Wrath and Greed are not on my list which was set forth by scholastic theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-1274). Five (5) Points to HS for #2. HS, I have #6 in MPH – If you can show me the conversion that 30 km/s = approximately 66,641 MPH, I’ll give you the 1.7 Points.

    Izard checks in next with some virtues and a Dr. Pepper…. #1 -Izard gets One (1) Point for Charity. The other ones are wrong…. #4 – I’m going to give you the 2.3 Points as the name Shogun is an abbreviation of sei-i-tai-shogun, meaning “Barbarian-Quelling Generalissimo” – hence a General. #9 – You’re right! That’s another 2.3 Points. #10 – If no one comes up with both names I’ll give you the half credit.

    Zook submitted a half page of informational calculations on #6. I’m going to give him the 1.7 Points although his answer is a few MPH off. HS can still pick-up the same points if he gives me the conversion data.

    Anon checks in on PST time…. #3 – Incorrect, but you’re going in the right direction. #2 – Avarice is not on my list. #1 – Izard got Charity, but you get Six (6) Points for the other ones – Good job! #10 – Half right, but, as I told Izard, no half-points unless no one gets it…. #6 – is definitely a Loobie answer, although correct, needs to be a little more specific, HS and Zook did a much better job…..

    Points update later today……

  6. 7: Last night I dug out my wife’s Colorado Avalanche (no…she’s not a member) puck and a ruler. What I got was 3″ across x ~1″ thick.

  7. Avarice is greed, at least etymologically, though in theology it has a broader definition than simple money-greed.

    (30 km/s) * (3600 s/h) / (1.6 km/mi) = 67,500 mph.
    But you can’t get too picky about this one, MR, as the earth speeds up when near the sun and slows down when away from the sun (i.e. sweeps out equal sector areas in equal amounts of time — Kepler’s 2nd Law). But our back-of-the-envelope calculations get us in the ballpark.

  8. Wow—I completely missed HS’s response before submitting my tome.

    Kepler did pretty well without knowing any calculus, didn’t he?

  9. 3. Ok, how about uncle, nephew?

  10. 10. I’m guessing the half I got right was the half I lifted from Izard ?

  11. Unless “Something & Mounds” is somehow correct…although even I would have a hard time making a realistic argument for M&M out of that.

    So I think it would be safe to assume Mars is the correct half.

  12. Thanks!

  13. Izard, you got a puck lying around the house?

    6. Does the earth slow during leap years?

    3. I’m going to nail this one. Third guess, Grandfather, grandson. That’s my final answer…..maybe not.

  14. #14 by Randalf the Grey

    8. 108 mm in diameter, and at least 100 mm in depth.

  15. Izard, sorry. That sounded bad. What I meant was what are the odds of someone having a puck just sitting around.

  16. Izard picks up another One (1) Point for #7 – a Hockey Puck is 3″ wide by 1″ Thick and weighs 5.5 to 6 Ounces…..

    HS, I’m going to give you the 1.7 Points for #6. I agree that the speed varies and you are definitely in the Ball Park of my answer which was 66,641 MPH…..

    Anon picks up 2.3 points for #3 on his third guess – Genghis Khan (c. 1162-1227) was the grandfather of Kubblai Khan (1215-1294). Anon, doesn’t everyone have a Hockey Puck in their back pocket, and, maybe the Earth has to speed up to make-up for lost time during Leap Years – Maybe HS or Zook can give us some Back-of-the-Envelope calculations on that…..

    RtG picks up 2 Points for #8…. My answer is in inches – 4.25″ in Diameter and at least 4″ deep. The conversion from mm is close enough…

    Here’s what’s left: #2 – Need 2 more Deadly Sins, #5, and Both names for M&M on #10…..

  17. #17 by huskysooner

    Zook basically gave the answer to the leap year business. The earth revolves around the sun every 365.25 days. Every four years, each 0.25 of a day is added to the calender as an extra day. It’s a bit of a calendar hack, actually and there are complications to the rules since it’s not exactly 365.25 but something like 365.2483251….. (can’t remember the exact numbers, but it’s less than 365.25).

  18. A couple pucks actually. A Avalanche puck (the one I could find and used for my measurementation) and a couple OKC Blazers pucks we’ve picked up for the kids at games here. Not big hockey fans though. We have a room full of football stuff. My wife is from Colorado…they love their Broncos.

  19. “Izard, you got a puck lying around the house?”

    There’s a good ex wife joke in there…but I’m holding myself back.

  20. There’s just no way you can use “puck” in a sentence and have it not sound off colored.

    2. Pride, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Avarice, Sloth.

    I tore the whole house apart looking for a golf hole but, Randalf beat me to it.

  21. thats 29 smart a**. With friends like these, who needs enemas.

  22. #22 by Randalf the Grey

    Izard, I also am from Colorado, and yes, we do love our Broncos. It’s kinda sad to be a Bronco fan this year though.

  23. #10 M elts in your M outh.
    #2 Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath or Anger.

  24. J.J., you’re right, the total number of points available is 29!….. It’s good to have friends, isn’t it?…. Did you add them yourself, or, did you out-source it? (Ha!)…. J., you do get 1 point for #2 – Anger…. That leaves one Deadly Sin, and, it’s not Greed (could be another word for it though used by Saint Thomas Aquinas)….. And, although they “Melt in you Mouth”, we’re talking people not slogans for #10……

  25. MR, please read post #20 dated Nov. 30, 11:25 AM. Thanks.

  26. Avaritia ?

  27. Forest M ars Sr. And R Bruce M urrie

  28. I read your post #20, Anon, and Avarice is not what I’ve got….. Sorry….. J.J. picks up the 1.7 points for #10, Mars and Merrie, although, my source spelled his name as Merrie…. Close enough….. I guess no one wants to take a guess at #5?…. Too Cosmic I guess……

    Tomorrow any remaining answers and the final points total……

  29. #29 by Randalf the Grey

    I’m not sure, but I think Carl Sagan discussed the concept of a “Cosmic Year” in his Cosmos series. If I remember correctly, a cosmic year is the entire history of the universe in which we find ourselves overlayed onto a calendar year–our universe began at midnight on January 1st, our solar system formed some time in September, the dinosaurs came into existence on xmas day and midnight, December 31 is right…now!

  30. Sorry, RtG, sounds cool, but, my source defines a Cosmic Year as the length of time it takes the sun to complete one revolution around the center of the Milky Way galaxay – about 225 million Earth years. The sun is between 20 and 21 cosmic years old. So, that’s the answer to #5….. The missing Deadly Sin from #2 was Covetousness – Don’t ask me, that’s what the book says…..

    Totals for this Quiz: Anon: 8.3, HS: 6.7, Izard: 6.6, J.J.: 2.7, RtG: 2, and Zook: 1.7

    I’ll make a new post tomorrow with all the totals and the winners……

  31. How did they figure out we are just now almost legal at 21?

  32. I don’t know, Anon, maybe they used the tried and true process of “Wild Ass Guesstamation”…… A few more million years and our sun will be old enough to go to the Milky Way Bar and Grill without sneaking in the back door…..

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