Music Trivia 11.11.07

Happy Armistice Day. remember to thank a veteran today, and everyday.
This week TV Tunes.

1.The theme for this show is titled “Danger Ahead”
2. This shows theme was written by 2 Bluegrass artists long before the show was thought up.
3. The food title of this shows song has nothing to do with the show, Seattle, Or Psychiatrists.
4. This shows theme was only performed 1 time with the lyrics in a movie. it was only an instrumental for the shows abnormaly long run.
5. Everybody knows someplace like this where everybody knows your name.
6. The theme for this short lived series in the ’60s became one of the biggest hits for the composer Johnny Rivers.
7. This show had 2 different theme songs, the 1st one was considered the 1st rock and roll song.
8. For 7 people who took a 3 hour tour they sure took a lot of stuff.
9. John Phillip Sousa wrote the theme for this comedy show.
10. Waylon Jennings made a hit out of this shows theme song.

10 points.

6 Responses to “Music Trivia 11.11.07”

  1. Are you looking for the song title or the series? I’ll try for the low-hanging fruit:

    3. Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs (Frasier)
    4. Suiside is painless (Mash)
    5. Where Everybody Knows your Name (Cheers)

    8. ??? Don’t know the name of the song ???? “A three hour tour…” (Gilligan’s Island)

  2. 2 or 10: One of these has to be Dukes of Hazzard.

    9: Monty Python’s Flying Circus

  3. #10 is the “Dukes of Hazzard”, and, I believe #2 is “The Beverly Hillbillies”…….

  4. 2. Beverly Hillbillies

    5. Cheers

    6. Midnight Special

    7. American Bandstand

  5. #5 by Randalf the Grey

    We’ve got too much time on our hands. 1. “Danger Ahead” is the theme from “Dragnet”, and 6. “Secret Agent Man” is the theme from “Secret Agent”.

  6. Welcome back Randalf. 1.RTG, 2.MR/SUNN, 3.HS, 4.HS, 5.HS/SUNN, 6.RTG, 8.HS, 9.IZZARD, 10.IZZARD/MR. #7 I was looking for Happy Days, The 1st theme song was Rock Around the Clock, and changed in the 5th season to Happy Days Theme.

    HS:3.5 pts

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