MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – Culture

Here’s one on “Popular Culture”…… Again, One for One on the Points……

No. 1 – What is the most widely sung song in the English-speaking world?…..
No. 2 – How did “Bugs Bunny” get his name?……
No. 3 – Who came first, Superman or Batman?…..
No. 4 – In “The Wizard of Oz”, what is Dorothy’s last name?
No. 5 – In how many films did Basil Rathbone play “Sherlock Homes”?…….
No. 6 – What was the first “Gold” record?……
No. 7 – What was the first “Gold” album?……
No. 8 – What was Sergeant Joe Friday’s badge number on “Dragnet”?……
No. 9 – What were the earlier names for the “Beatles”? (One (1) point for each you get)…..
No. 10- How many singles did the “Beatles” release in 1964 – their first year? (One (1) Point for the total number and 1/4 Point for each song you can name)…..

Lots of points available this time…. Some of you can make-up some ground on this one…..
Have at it!……

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  1. 1: Happy Birthday!

    3: Pretty sure it was Superman.

    4: Gale. Tornado…Gale…ha ha

    9: The Quarry Men and The Silver Beatles are the only two I know. I want to say The Backstreet Boys, but I think that would result in the removal of all points I’ve accumulated to date.

    10: Since you are offering 1/4 point for each one that can be named, I’m guessing the number of songs is divisible by 4. So I’ll say 12?

  2. Izard picks up some points….. One (1) Point for #1 – It is actually “Happy Birthday to You”, which was adapted from “Good Morning to You!” by Mildred J. and Patty S. Hill….. Another One (1) Point for #3 – Superman first appeared in Action Comics No. 1, June 1938…. Batman first appeared in Detective Comics No. 27, May 1939….. Again, One (1) Point for #4 – Dorothy Gale….. Two (2) Points for #9 – Quarrymen and The Silver Beatles…. There are more early Beatles names, including a longer version of “The Silver Beatles…. Sorry, Izard, you are way low on #10, and, the total number is not divisible by 4….. I don’t know if it is a record, but, they released a huge amount of singles in ’64…… So, that’s a total of Five (5) Points for Izard……

    That answers #1, #3, #4, and part of #9….. Lots of points still out there……

  3. #8, 714. #5, 14. #6/7, The 1st Gold record was a publicity stunt by RuhhRuhhCA Victor CO. They Sprayed gold Laquer on a record of Glen Miller’s Chattanooga Choo Choo in late 1941 and presented it to him during a live radio brodcast. The RIAA stole this idea in 1958 and started awarding “Gold” records/Alblums the 1st being to Perry Como For “Catch a Falling Star” for Single, and The Cast Of “Oklahoma” for the Soundtrack for Album.

  4. #9#9#9, Quarrymen, Johnny and the Moondogs, The Nurk Twins, The Silver Beetles.
    UK: 3
    US: 11

    UK, Can’t Buy Me Love/You can’t do that
    A hard Days Night/Things we said today
    I feel fine/She’s a woman
    US, Please Please Me/From Me To You
    Twist and Shout/Theres a place
    Can’t Buy Me Love/You Can’t Do That
    Do you want to know a secret?/Thank you Girl
    Love Me Do/P.S. I love you
    Sie Leibt Dich’/I’ll Get you
    A Hard Days Night/ I should have known better
    I’ll Cry Instead/I’m Happy just to dance with you
    And I love her/If I Fell
    Matchbox/Slow down
    I feel Fine/She’s a woman

    You want dates also?

  5. J.J. picks up some points – One (1) Point for #5, 14 movies – The first was “The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1939, and, the last was “Dressed to Kill” in 1946….. One (1) Point for #8, Badge 714…. One (1) Point for #6 – Glenn Miller was presented with a gold-covered master of his recording “Chattanooga Choo Choo” after it had climbed past the 1 million mark a few months after its release…. One (1) Point for #7 – The Broadway cast recording of “Oklahoma!” became the first long-playing album to sell more than 1 million copies…… One (1) Point for #9 – Johnny and the Moondogs….. I don’t have the “Nurk Twins” listed and Izard guessed the other two….. #10 was sort of a trick question, in that my source counted each song as a single and included the recording of “My Bonnie” with Tony Sheridan as a single, which totals 29 songs, so, in all fairness, I’m giving the One (1) point for #10 to J.J. and Seven (7) more for listing 28 of the 29 songs…… What a haul, J.J.!….. Thirteen (13) Points!……

  6. I’m going to close out this quiz with the answer to #2, the remaining question – The character was created in 1936 by a group of artists at Warner Bros., including Chuck Jones and Fritz Freleng…… The original sketches, however, were submitted by a Warner story man Ben “Bugs” Haraway. He marked the drawings ” Bugs Bunny.” The rest is history…….

    Points update and new quiz soon…..

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