T-Day is here……

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone…… It looks like the Holiday Season is now upon us…… Embrace the Meaning of the Season and not the Commercialism…… Try J.J.’s T-Day Quiz below….. I’m up really early as usual and know all the answers, so, I’ll wait ’til tomorrow to give everyone in the different time zones a chance and then I’ll finish-up any unanswered questions….. Cool idea for Turkey Day, J.……..

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  1. I’m up also, Although not as early as MR but early for me. Hope everyone has a good day and gets to spend it with loved ones and family. Remember to keep in all of our thoughts those who can’t be with friends and family this season, and hope the Loobies in W.DC pulls their head out of their A#*es soon and gets those Men and Women home safely.

  2. MR, Nancy, Mrs J.J. And my self had a good T-Day, We had a thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat with friends and had a good visit. Hope all of you ate too much, got to see some good ball games and had as good a day as we had. BTW: The jokes over they can bring back summer anytime they please, We will pay the ransom!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to the MR Commies, er I mean Community, from Skamokawa! Many thanks for your lively talk and general existence, which makes us all better. May we have many more in the future.

  4. Glad I could generally exist for your pleasure 🙂 If there’s anything else I can do, just ask. I’ll generally do it.

  5. Izz: Isn’t that what a super heros side kick is generally supposed to do? ie: Johnny Seltzer, Private Neutralizer.

  6. Looks as if all the community had a great Thanksgiving….. I’ll go ahead and throw-in a “Merry Christmas”, just in case it sneaks up on me as fast as it seems to be……

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