Music Trivia 11.25.07

Welcome to the Kollege of Musical Knowledge
Name These Big Band Leaders
By Their Big Hits of the Day.

1. Pennsylvania 6-5000
2. Take The A Train
3. Begin The Beguine
4. One O’Clock Jump
5. And The Angels Sing
6. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
7. Minne The Moocher
8. A Night In Tunisia
9. What A Wonderful World
10. Three Little Fishes

10 points.

15 Responses to “Music Trivia 11.25.07”

  1. Wow! This one takes me back. My memory is a little fuzzy, but here’s what I have:

    1. Glenn Miller
    2. Benny Goodman
    4. Count Basie
    7. Cad Calloway
    9. Dizzy Gillespie

    Anon knows #10; he torments my answering machine with it!

  2. 6: Louis Armstrong?

  3. This is way out of my zone of knowledge, but wasn’t #9 Louis Armstrong?

  4. 10. Andrew Sisters and Tommy D.

  5. Doh! Zook is right. I mixed up my trumpet players.

  6. Rethinking, I’m probably wrong about the “Three Little Fishes” (in the itty bitty pool). I’ve been trying to teach it to Jek but, he seems to have no interest in the classics. I’ll keep trying.

  7. #7 by Randalf the Grey

    2. Duke Ellington
    3. Artie Shaw ( the clarinet was Randalf’s first instrument )( also, I
    happen to own a vintage 78′ rpm vinyl pressing of this one )
    5. Benny Goodman ( again with the clarinet )
    6. Tommy Dorsey
    7. Jek got the point, but I believe the gentleman’s name was CAB

  8. RtG is right on Jek’s answer to #7 – it is Cab Calloway, although, Jek should still get the point as we all make typo’s with our spellink abilities……

  9. I certainly didn’t mean to call him a “meany”.

  10. He doesn’t look bluish.

  11. #11 by Randalf the Grey

    I think he looked more blackish. I have several old 78’s, including “In The Mood” by The Glenn Miller Band on RCA Victor’s Bluebird Records label. Any of you guys got a 78 rpm turntable ?

  12. #8 and #10 Still up for grabs. Hints: #8 Round and Round and Round and Round. #10 The Ol’ Professor. Lets see if I can count right, Jek, 1,4,7.RtG, 2,3,5,6. Zook, #9#9#9.

  13. #10. Paul Whiting????

  14. OK I guess everyone forgot about the other 2 artists, Or you all just don’t care anymore. #8 is Dizzie Gilespie. #10 is Kay Kyser.
    I’ll let you know if I will be putting anymore quizzes up or if you guys don’t give a sh*t let me know and I will forget about the whole thing and just award the final prizes as Is.

  15. uh, or we didn’t know the answers…

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