History In The Making 2008

As every one knows the ’08 lections are just round the bend.

This election we are going to see history being made one way or the other. If you look at the history of the presidency, there have been only 4 instances of the out going presidents party getting elected to the following term where the candidate was not the sitting Vice president. and only once was it the Democrats.
1.James Buchanan won after Franklin Pierce’s term in 1857
The GOP has had 3
1.Rutherford B Hayes, after U.S. Grant
2.W.H. Taft after Teddy Roosevelt
3.Herbert Hoover after Calvin Coolidge.
And unless my History (Like My Counting) is flawed in each of these instances the incoming candidate was not of the same party as the majority in the House and Senate.
This election seeks to possibly change that.
Republicans: We have (In No Particular Order) Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain, Huckabee, Paul, Hunter and Tancredo. The only power couple I see here might be Giuliani and McCain this would give us the 1st time that an outgoing republican wartime administration was followed by another one. Not counting Deaths and Resignations.
Democrats: Clinton, Obama, Dodd, Edwards, Richardson, Biden, and Kucinich. Here we have many historical possibilities. Hillary, The 1st Woman. Obama 1st African American. Richardson, the 1st Native American. It would also be the 1st democratic majority( White House, House, and Senate) I see 2 power couples here Clinton, Edwards or Obama, Edwards. I think whoever the candidate is they would be well served to take on Edwards as a running mate. He appeals to to the labor movement, and they will be more of a factor this election than in the past also he’s more appealing when not next to Kerry. I don’t think Clinton, Obama is a winnable combination there’s just too much history to change at once with that one, also the religious right will absolutely Bankrupt them selves to stop that ticket.
As for any third party candidates, I’m not seeing any viable names being thrown out yet. Whoever it might be they need to be putting their face out now not waiting till the last minute to get on board. I hope that someone gets out there soon it’s getting old just having the same old crap to choose from, and really the time is ripe for a viable 3rd party campaign. While the Dem’s and Rep’s fight it out a 3rd party could come in and deal with just the issues and maybe get noticed. that would be historical it self. Just my own thoughts, you guys will probably pick apart my historical facts like you do. But the point is we will see something historic this election and as an American I am proud to be a part of it. OK all you factoids pick away.

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  1. “It would also be the 1st democratic majority( White House, House, and Senate)”

    Perhaps I’m not understanding what you mean, but… This has actually been quite common, most recently during the first two years of Clinton’s term, with Gephardt Speaker of the House and George Mitchell the Senate majority leader. This was also the case for the bulk (all?) of FDR’s term, and I’m guessing for JFD’s and LBJ’s.

  2. I am typo-dude: Of course I mean JFK.

  3. History is going to be made. I hope it isn’t scary history.
    We NEED a third party. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen until times are desperate and everyones backs are against the wall.

  4. We’d have to change our voting system in order for a 3rd party candidate to win. One option is Instant Runoff (from an earlier MRC post). Here’s the Wikipedia artile on Voting Systems.

    That said, I’m still going to vote for who I believe is the best candidate.

  5. HS: as I said you guys would probably find some holes in my historical facts, I stand corrected. I was going off of press history ( When the Rep’s had a majority the press acted like it was the first time that had ever happened in the history of the free world) Thanks for doing the digging that I should have done before writing my post. You are completely correct and we all know how those administrations turned out. I guess as a subconscious thought that was the crux of my thought that we need voting reform that will allow a 3rd party to run a viable campaign. I also will vote for whatever campaign shares my and my family’s views. and will do the best for this country.

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