MONEY, That’s what I want…..

Over the week-end in Fort Worth, I literally saw Millions and Millions of Dollars!…… I really never thought about where our paper money was printed….. I always thought it was printed at the mints along with our coins…… Nope, there are only two places where they print our currency – Washington D.C. and Fort Worth, TX….. It’s printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing….. Unfortunately, they make sure you don’t have any tools on you or any way to get at the new bills, but, you could see the drool on the windows where the presses were….. It was cool seeing all the steps and new security measures being incorporated into our currency for protection against counterfeiting…..

I came away with three (3) small vials of shredded money and a sheet of sixteen (16) uncut Two-Dollar bills from the gift shop….. I had to pay $3 apiece for the vials and $55 for the $32 dollars worth of uncut $2 bills….. You would think it would be cheaper because they didn’t have to cut them….. I think I got took, but, that’s our government….. Anyway, if you ever have the chance to check either of the places out – do it – it is an educational experience and MR approved…..

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  1. $55 for a reprint of an engraving of that quality is not that bad no wonder the gov. is in trouble. It probable cost $155 to make them.

  2. Yeah, and they claim that the thousands of bills that they print on a daily basis is just to replace worn and torn bills….. I think it’s a safe bet we taxpayers are laying out much more than the face value of the bills just to keep them in circulation…..

  3. Any pics? How about a shot of uncut money? Sounds coooool.

  4. As requested, here is a shot of $32 worth of uncut $2 bills….. I used two Jefferson Nickels to hold the uncut page flat since Jefferson is on the $2 bill……

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