MR’s De-Evo Points Up-Date…….

Still using the cutting edge formula of One (1) Point = One (1) Point……. The current Points Standings are as follows:

J.J.: Twenty-Five (25) Points
Izard: Twenty (20) Points
Jek: Eighteen (18) Points
RtG: Thirteen (13) Points
HS: Eleven (11) Points
Anon: Eleven (11) Points
Sunn: Eleven (11) Points
Zook: Four (4) Points
Robo: Two (2) Points
Booker: One (1) Point

This should spark a little more interest in the Quiz…… 30NOV2007 will be the cut-off date…… Leader of the Pack, i.e. First Place will receive a $50 Gift Certificate from their favorite on-line store, Second Place will receive a $30 GC, and Third Place a $20 GC….. Did I get your attention?….. A new quiz will be up in a few days……

5 Responses to “MR’s De-Evo Points Up-Date…….”

  1. You never said money was involved!

  2. Uh-Huh…… I did get your attention, didn’t I?…… And, it will be just in time for the winners to buy me Christmas presents with…… Always thinking, I am…….

  3. I believe I have you for a “Make” gift this year. The quality of the gift will be influenced by the number of bonus points I receive.

  4. Looks like Anon’s heading straight for the “Penalty Box”…… Do not pass Goal, etc., etc…….

  5. Yeah all since we took over the quizzes we are awarding $ Also because we are not creative enuf to make prizes. The prizes for the music are similar (Ask RtG) my year end prize will be announced in a few weeks. But for each quarter is a $25.00 Gift card from either Wally world, Bass Pro, or Chili’s.

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