Music Trivia 09.30.07

OK here it is The Last Quiz of the Quarter
The Greatest Rock and Roll Band In The World


Stones 1964

1.This song from “Exile On Main Street” was inspired by radical Angela Davis.
2.This song was actually written by Marianne Faithful.
3.Keith woke one morning in ’64 with this riff in his head, recorded it, and then wrote the song around it later at the recording studio.
4.The recording of this song was filmed and released as the documentary “One Plus One”.
5.This song, Recorded at the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio was written by Mick while filming “Ned Kelly”
6.This song was originally called “Good Time Woman”.
7.This song is supposedly about David Bowie’s Wife.
8.This track, a cover of a 60’s tune was dedicated to the late Ian Stewart.
9.What is the only (Stones) song that Bill Wyman sings lead on?.
10.Before they left Decca The boys recorded a song that even the record company wouldn’t release, What is it (Note: The REAL name not what it was called by Decca.)
11. What album containing which 2 songs has an Oklahoma Connection?
12. Where and when did they play their 1st gig as the Rollin’ Stones?
13. Who were the “Dirty Mac” and what song did they perform during what performance?
14.What is their 1st #1 Single, Which was banned in the US?
15.What is the title of the article in “The Times” that got Keith’s drug conviction overturned and Mick’s sentence reduced?
16. Gimme Shelter is one of the many movies about the stones that was actually released, What was the name of the young fan that was killed during the Altamont concert, and what song were the boys doing at the time of the incident?
17. What song does this line come from? Well when you’re sitting back in your rose pink Cadillac, Making bets on Kentucky derby day, I’ll be in my basement room with a needle and a spoon, and another girl can take my pain away”
18. August of ‘71 saw the release of the 1st non Stones album on Rolling Stones records. What was this issue from one of the greatest musicians ever?
19. What was the 1st album that was completely all originals?
20. Which song do John Lennon and Paul McCartney Sing back up vocals on?

20 points this week. an extra 20 if you can get them all.

16 Responses to “Music Trivia 09.30.07”

  1. J.J.!!!!….. Are you trying to force me to not only sweep this quiz, putting me in contention of maybe winning the whole ball of wax, AND, worst of all, give-up my attempt to out-neg-a-tize the entire community?….. That’s dirty quizzing, Sir, and I refuse to be sucked in (the ’70’s)….. I can at least blow the extra 20 point bonus by waiting for someone else to answer some of them….. Take that, J……..

  2. For #1 I was going to guess “Angie”. But, meditating on years of MR ramblings, I’m going to say, instead, that “Angie” is the answer to #7.

  3. #3 by huskysooner

    “The Greatest Rock and Roll Band In The World” Wow, what a brazen attempt to suck up to the host!

    Everybody knows that Styx is the greatest rock and roll band ever.

  4. # 20 Drift Away
    All the rest of them “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

  5. Speaking of #20…I was under the impression that there wasn’t just one as your question implies.

  6. MR: Hows this, For every one you don’t answer, I tack on 1(one) point against your now -16? effectively putting you at -36.and every one that you answer correctly I award you 1(one) positive point.

    huskysooner: I did not come up with that one. their tour manager started using that in the late ’60s. But just between you and me (I agree Styx is da bomb).

    Lsdrobo: -2 nuff said.

    Izzard: My son you score the 1st point of the match. According to my sources (which are correct by the way) There is only one that they did backgrounds on officially. Unless MR finds some smart ass way to tell me that I’m wrong.
    See ya all when I get back.

  7. Being the moldy, oldie I am, I will take MR’s stance since I also consider myself in the same class (age). Will let the whippersnappers have a crack (bad choice of words). The last word should be chance.

  8. Sunn, we’ll give ’em ’til Sunday and then “The Whip Comes Down”….. Put that link in your “Alice (in) Chains” and smoke it….. Screw them positive points, J.J., this is war between us old and wise(asses) vs. those who should know some musical history….. I think I’ll go climb a “Porcupine Tree” and obtain “Nirvana”…..

  9. MR, to make it more intriguing, memory only. No book, cd, album, internet, dvd lookups-only our fading memories. If you’ve already looked these up, honestly abstain from answering.

  10. Too make it fair, JJ, we will answer all the questions we can. Ties get 1/2 point each. Since it’s your quiz, is this acceptable? BTW,from his past posts & screen name, I realize the odds on favorite is MR.

  11. Sunn: that’s completely agreeable to me. We will call this the battle of the alzheimers. so have at it. you have till 1500(3:00 Pm) Sunday the 7th.

  12. 2. As Tears Go By
    3. Satisfaction
    5. No Expectations
    6. Honkey Tonk Women
    7. Angie
    9. 20,000 Light Years From Home
    10. Mannish Boy
    13. Rock & Roll Circus, Paul & Mick
    14. Satisfaction
    16. James? Sympathy for the Devil
    17. Dead Flowers
    18. Eric Clapton (first solo album)
    19. Let It Bleed
    20. I Wanna Be Your Man

  13. The world so far: Sunn, #3,17. Correct. #13, Right Show, Wrong people. Izzard allready had #7 but 1/2 point to you as per the agreement. Still waiting for MR to wipe it all up.

  14. I’ll leave this one open till next week, since it will determine the 2nd place winner of the 3rd quarter. I’m on my way out the door see y’all next weekend.

  15. MR: As soon as you recover from JoJo Fest, Your answers please.

  16. Ok I guess MR doesn’t want to get involved so heres the answers.
    1.Sweet Black Angel
    2.Sister Morphene
    4.Symphony For The Devil
    5.Brown Sugar
    6.Tumbling Dice
    8.Harlem Shuffle
    9.In Another Land
    10.Schoolboy Blues/Cocksucker Blues.
    11.Let it Bleed- Country Honk, Featuring Byron Berline on Fiddle, Midnight Rambler. Do I have to say why?
    12.12 July 1962 at the Marquee Club in London
    13.John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell/ Rock and Roll Circus/ Yer Blues.
    14.Lil’ Red Rooster
    15.Who Breaks a Butterfly upon a Wheel
    16.Meredith Hunter/Under My Thumb
    17.Dead Flowers
    18.The London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions
    20.We Love You.
    2.5 points to Sunn, 1 point to Izzard.

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