DID YOU KNOW…….I didn't think so……….Musical Philosophy, The Piccinists.

Piccinists (1774-1780) A French musico-political faction who contended that pure Italian music is higher art than the mixed German school. In other words, that music is the Alpha cialis from canada and Omega of opera and the dramatic


is of very minor importance.

3 Responses to “DID YOU KNOW…….I didn't think so……….Musical Philosophy, The Piccinists.”

  1. Could you phrase that in layman music terms?…. You lost me after Piccinists…… Maybe another version of “in other words” might help us Loobies…… Italians and Germans were always trying to “One-up” each other…… Is this where the phrase “Being Picky” came from?…….

  2. It’s a direct quote from the BIG BOOK. “The music or the words” is how I read it. The French believing that music is the beginning and end, everything else doesn’t matter too much.

  3. Those French – They have a different word for everything!….. I think you need both for a balanced composition, so, I guess I’m not a “Piccinist” – Just a “White boy lost in the Blues” (John Mayall)…..

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