Music Trivia 10.07.07

So starts the last quarter of this year. Have at it kids.

1.This country artist won several Nascar races after having several #1 hits.
2.On the Bass, This is the beginning of what classic song? D,D,B,A,F#,D,D
3.This publication was the premier music publication in england What was it’s name. Extra Credit Who was it’s publisher/founder
4.This group came out of the Oct. 1977 plane crash that took the life of Ronnie Van Zandt
5.James Marshall Hendrix opened their summer US tour in 1967 and bombed, he quit after 2 weeks. Who were they?

5 Points

8 Responses to “Music Trivia 10.07.07”

  1. #4 is 38 Special….. #5 is the “Monkees”….. #2 is In-A-Godda-Da-Vi-Da (I’m not a Bass player, but the sequence is right, and, NO, I did not pick up my guitar and check, I’m at work)…. See what I know, J.J.?…… This is an official attempt to earn REAL points….. Off the top of the ‘ol bean, Mate……..

  2. I gonna guess at #3 as “Circus”…. I don’t know why that name sticks in my mind, but, there it is….. Wilder guess on the publisher/founder – Andrew Loog Oldham…..

  3. Oh,Yeah, On #1, my answer is “Who Cares”….. Sorry ’bout that, but, most of the “new” country artists take stolen rock song progressions, have somebody else write some country-fried lyrics, and then sing it with an obviously fake country twang…. It doesn’t take much talent – just a beard, a black crumpled cowboy hat, a big ugly belt buckle, the swagger of a drunk, and know the right Asshole to get your arrogant, obnoxious butt recorded and promoted….. And, the “Cowgirls” love this?….. Ladies, no wonder you always end-up with the wrong man……

  4. So far, MR:#4 Wrong. #5 Right. #2 Wrong. #1 It is a CLASSIC country artist who had a top 10 Rock/Pop Hit in the ’60s So there. Sunn: #3 Wrong. The Hints: #1 I allready gave, #2 FZ, #3 The Beatles were in the first issue, #4 Named after 2 of the survivors.

  5. #4 is Rossington-Collins Band…… No comment on my #1 answer, J?….. Country and NASCAR are just not my thing, but, I’ll guess Conway Twitty…… #2 is “I am the Slime” (That’s still a guess, I will get my guitar out after work and check it)…… As far as #3, I know that John Lennon was on the first “Rolling Stone” cover in 1967 (which I have a copy of), but, that’s not England…. Do I get any credit for that?……

  6. BTW, J, I don’t see any comment by Sunn – So-o-o, how did he get #3 wrong?…. Did he phone it in?……

  7. With the FZ hint, that sounds like about half the riff of “Don’t Eat That Yellow Snow,” one of only about three FZ songs I know.

  8. Hi Lucy I’m Home. The answers.
    1. Marty Robbins. after recording such hits as “White Sport Coat” and “El Paso“, in 1978 Marty started racing in the Nascar Winston cup series His car was a ’78 Dodge Magnum. Another Mopar racer. He competed in nascar until his death in 1981 He won rookie of the year in ’78 and won I think 10 races in his career.
    2.Huskysooner got it. Don’t eat the yellow snow,Nanook rubs it.
    3.In 1962 Bill Harry founded Mersey Beat to focus on the growing Liverpool/English music scene. In Vol 1 He had John Lennon write “The History of the Beatles” although Brian Epstein claimed that he had never heard of the group Bill Harry states that He had seen the issue of Mersey Beat with the story and discussed it with him at length.
    4.MR Knocks it out of the park with The Rossington-Collins Band. consisting of Gary Rossington, His wife (one of the honkettes the backup singers of Lynard Skynard) Dale Krantz-Rossington, Allan Collins, Billy Powell, Leon Wilkeson, Barry Harwood, and Derek Hess.
    5.Is in fact “The Monkees” at the time no one had heard of Jimi yet and he was a little Hard Core for the Pop fans that paid to see the Monkees.
    So 2 points to MR,m 1 point to Huskysooner.

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