You Say It’s My Birthday……

Well, it is….. MR’s another year wiser, if that means anything….. I’ll have to live to be at least a hundred and fifty to actually be wise, so I’ll remain my usual smart-ass self until then….. I expect glowing HB wishes to be attached to this Post, and, presents would not be refused….. Maybe a few negative points awarded from J.J. on his Music Quiz?…. Anyway, everybody have as great of a day as I plan to have….. Mine will start as soon as I get off work….. Happy Birthday to Me, Master of MR Central…… (Remember, I can edit any and all Posts and Comments you make)……

8 Responses to “You Say It’s My Birthday……”

  1. Happy birthday, happy birthday. You look wise beyond belief and not a day over 90. May the birthday fairy leave you many presents under your pillow but, keep you teeth on the table. Oh joy, Oh joy to you on this day. (I’m working for lot of extra bonus point here.)

  2. You’re doin’ a great job, too, Anon….. I got a bunch of personal e-mail Birthday wishes, including Jek, but, you came though when the chips were down….. We’ll see how we can maybe work that to your advantage – Did I say that out-loud?….. And a Happy HB to you, too, when your’s comes around……. I will remember the “day over 90” remark, sir…….

  3. Well at least I took you to Wal-Mart: Of course you drove. Well, at least, I got you a gift: of course you paid for it. Come to think of it, I had a pretty good MR birthday. Happy Birthday.

  4. Everything Robo said is true…… I’d had a busy day, tired, ready for a little R&R, and, here comes Robo,”Let’s go get you a Birthday gift”…… So-o-o, who am I to refuse a freebie?…… Robo and WalMart are buddies, and, I should have known that he couldn’t pass-up a few items for himself….. I did get a couple of $5 DVD’s out of it (at my expense)….. I guess it is the thought that counts (just not in Dollars and Sense)…… Ha-Ha….. Had a great Birthday, thanks to all……

  5. Happy birthday there MR. Is there cake? You know, I’d stop by for cake.

  6. Happy late Bday. I would have called but, well you know whats up. In the vain of Robo’s present, I will get your present back to you as quick as I can.

  7. Yeah, where’s the picture of the flaming cake? Oh and Happy Birthday of course!

  8. Alas, Poor Jek, the cake burned to the ground along with about an acre of real estate…… I’m on Spencer’s Fire Department list as a “Major Hazard”……. Please pass the ice cream and another fire extinguisher…….

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