Music Trivia 10.21.07

Yesterday (Saturday Oct 20) Marked the 30th Anniversary of the plane crash that took the life of Ronnie VanZandt, Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines, and 3 others ending the original line up known as Lynyrd Skynyrd. This weeks quiz is dedicated to those lost that night, as well as Allan Collins and Leon Wilkeson.

1. They were originally known as what when they formed in 1965?
2. The bands famous name came from what High School Influence?
3.Freebird was written about what classic rock icon?
4.They toured with what classic band in 1973 on what tour as their opening act?
5. Their last album “Street Survivors” had a cover that was changed after the plane crash. What was that cover?
6. To what city were they flying to when the crash happened? Extra Credit. Where did the crash happen?

1 Point each. 12 if you get all of them.

3 Responses to “Music Trivia 10.21.07”

  1. 2. Teacher

    4. Allman Bros.

    5. Flames in the background (I happen to have a copy)

    Over the years, I only listen to two of the old southern bands, The Allman Brothers & Marshall Tucker Band.

  2. Sunn’s right on two…. It was their coach and I think his name was Leonard Skinner…. And, I also have a copy of “Street Survivors” with the flames…. It had been released before the crash, and, then recalled and had the flames removed….

  3. Greetings from Houston, TX This Road is getting old again. Anyhoo Here is the answers.
    1. They first formed in 1965 as My Backyard
    2. 1/2 point each to both of you It was indeed their High School Gym Teacher Leonard Skinner who kept telling them to cut their hair and forget that rock and roll.
    3. Free bird was written after the motorcycle crash that took the lofe of Duane Allman
    4. They opened for the Who during the 1974 Quadrophenia tour. Their performence i London was filmed and is the basis for the Freebird the movie film.
    5.1/2 Point for both if you. Street Survivors was indeed the album that was recovered after the crash.
    6. They were inroute from Greenburg, SC to Baton Rouge, La when a leak in the right wing tak ran the plane out of fuel over Gillsburg, MS that night.

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