DID YOU KNOW…….I didn't think so…….Perpendiculars

“Perpendiculars”: Parties called crushes in which persons cialis perscription online

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have to stand almost stationary from the time of

entering the suite of rooms until the time of leaving.

4 Responses to “DID YOU KNOW…….I didn't think so…….Perpendiculars”

  1. How do you get a drink?….. I guess you would just have to go with the flow until you pass the bar and reach and grab…… Worse still, what happens when nature calls?…..

  2. No dancing either.

  3. Oh, I think you’d be dancing when nature calls, even if there isn’t enough room…… There can’t be any clubs like this in the U.S., can there?….. I mean, there is no way they could run such a place and meet any city, state, federal, or fire codes……

  4. I guess I should have added that this is from the 1800’s.

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