Song Writing…..

Do we have any composers out there in MR country?…… We may have tried this once before…. I can’t remember….. We’ve been at this blog thing for a long time……

I was thinking (I know – Bad Idea)….. We could poll the community to decide what genre of song first – Rock, Country Rock, Country, Top-40, etc., etc…. SORRY – NO RAP AND/OR HIP-HOP….. Then I can start with a lyric line and then someone can jump in with another line – so on and so on…. Then we edit what we end up with and any and all musicians in the community can collaborate on the music…..

I think it would be fun….. Right now I need to know if there is any interest in doing the project at all……. Reply now or “just remain the same” ( a line out of “What Would You Do?” that I wrote – Copyright 2000 – Too-Loose Productions)…..

33 Responses to “Song Writing…..”

  1. Sounds interesting.

  2. Start it out and see what happens. I’ll give it a shot.

  3. C-o-o-l, that’s already a trio we’ve got going here….. Got a busy week-end, so-o-o, even if it just ends up as us three, we’ll give it a shot starting Monday the 15th….. ….eh? You’re never “Too Old to Rock and Roll”, you’re just “Too Young to Die” (Jethro Tull)…..

  4. #4 by Randalf the Grey

    I would like to see if I can contribute anything to this project.

  5. You know I’m In, I personally would like to go for something Southern Rockish. Or maybe something with 3 part harmonies.

  6. I hereby name this group of writing misfits as “Twisted Fingers”….. Let’s go with the theme of a day in the life of an ordinary Joe with extraordinary problems….. We’ll see what direction the lyrics go and then decide what direction the music should go…..

    First line (which can become any line when we edit it):

    “Sun’s up – No sleep for many a night”

    Next line doesn’t have to rhyme, but, I left it open for an easy one…. Next writer please……

  7. “Sun’s down – Time for a night on the town”

  8. “Too may late nights, can keep a good man down.”

  9. Easy money and Las Vegas lights

  10. On second thought, a different city would be better….L.A., New York, Bagdad?

  11. Easy money and Bagdad Knights?

  12. Robo, that sounds like a cool name for a group. I like it.

  13. Here’s what we got so far:

    Sun’s up – No sleep for many a night, (MR)
    Sun’s down – Time for a night on the town, (Robo)
    Late nights can keep a good man down, (Sunn – edit MR)
    Easy money and Bagdad Knights, (Anon and Robo)
    First Class on the next LA flight…. (MR – new line)

    We’ll call that the first verse….. Anyone want to edit it further?….
    We should write one more verse and then come up with a bridge or chorus….. This is cool……..

  14. So, we got a


    rhyme pattern?

  15. Looks that way, Anon, but, we don’t necessarily have to follow it…..

    First line – Second Verse:

    “Alarms ringing and so’s my head”

    Next writer please……

  16. Can I make it to Seattle, or be better off dead?

  17. They dumped me on this plane

  18. “They dumped me on this plane” ( add “mama” if it’s Blues)

  19. Now I’m on the only train

  20. “And the alarm keeps ringing in my head”

  21. Second verse looks like this:

    Alarm’s ringing and so’s my head, (MR)
    Can I make it to Seattle, or be better off dead?, (Sunn)
    They dumped me on this plane, (Anon)
    Now I’m on the only train, (Robo)
    And the alarm keeps ringing in my head….. (Anon)

    Great second verse, now we go for the “Hook Line” in the chorus…..

    Here’s a suggestion for the chorus:

    “My life’s always been very ordinary”,
    “Everything in it’s rightful place,”
    “But, this alarm keeps ringing in my head,”
    “And I just can’t keep up the pace……”

    Sorry, I wrote a complete chorus…. It just came to me….. Everyone look it over and make changes and/or suggestions and then we’ll go for a third and fourth verse…..

    Next composer please…….

  22. Change….2nd line…”I cant keep the pace”…..Last line….” I just cant keep my place”


  23. I like both chores can we have both? Maybe Mr’s first time then anon’s second time?

  24. I added that last line as a set up for the next verse….an answer to pace of ordinary life. Like; I’m going to fly to Seattle and drink coffee until I fall in the gutt..or. Or maybe a screed against the ordinary life. But, I’m not stuck on that line at all.

  25. Is the hook in this “The alarm that keeps ringing in my head” ? Could be in the music too.

  26. Pace, place, just takin’ up space

  27. I like both versions of the chorus also, with a few changes:

    Version 1 (MR):

    “My life’s always been ordinary”,
    “Everything in it’s place,”
    “This alarm keeps ringing in my head,”
    “I just can’t keep the pace……”

    Version 2 (MR and Anon):

    “My life’s always been ordinary”,
    “I can’t stand the pace,”
    “This alarm keeps ringing in my head,”
    “I just don’t know my place……”

    look ’em over….. Make any suggestions or changes, then we’ll work on the next verse…. Maybe use Anon’s Seattle line in comment 24 and/or Sunn’s line in comment 26…..

    I’m going to be busy, busy, ’til Sunday….. Will probably condense all this down and make a new post as we are getting a long list of comments on this one, with a reference back to this Post…..

    Continue please……

  28. Sorry, I forgot to indicate post #26 would be a line in the next verse.

  29. Hay, I was kidding about coffaholics in the gutter. ( we put them in wards)

  30. Sunn, that’s where I want to use it – in the next verse….. Anon, the line was a bit long, but, I think a little re-write and it could be usable, like: “Flyin’ into Seattle – Java on the brain” or something along those lines….. next line could be “Stuck in the Bean ward, but not insane”…… Then maybe throw in Sunn’s line of: “Pace, place, just takin’ up space”……

    Look ’em over and let me know……

    Next insane brain please……

  31. A thought: You could drop every other word… tighten it up, like:

    “Life’s been ordinary”,
    “Everything in place,”
    “Alarm ringing my head,”
    “Can’t keep pace.”

    “Life’s been ordinary”,
    “Can’t stand the pace,”
    “Alarm ringing my head,”
    “Out of place.”

  32. “Locked in a bean ward”

    “Tied to this bed”

  33. What can you say,
    when all’s been said

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