Is it Really that bad?

If we believe the media, “Gas Prices are too High, People are not traveling as much” “The Job Market is the worst it has been since the ’30s And people do not have money” Etc. Well I say that it is BS. Traveling down the highways of our nation, there is more Traffic than ever before. Not just in the cities but on stretches of interstate between Americas cities. I can remember when between Phoenix, AZ and Palm Springs, CA. you could go for many miles without passing another vehicle or being passed. Now it is steady traffic all the way. And it’s like that all over this land. There’s more cars on the roads than ever. And if the majority do not have jobs how can they afford gas and insurance on all those cars on the roads. Just Thinkin

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  1. I read that personal debt is up again after the big scare when everyone started saving. Now that the equity in homes is used up I wonder how long it will take to max out credit. Then there’s all that debt creeping around called “leverage”.

  2. I’m sorry to say, but, in this day and age, EVERYTHING is motivated by GREED – “Money, Money, Money, Money”….. It’s a “I, Me, Mine” World now, and, I think we’ve passed the breaking point….. Not Fixable!…. As Brother Dave put it, way back in the Fifties – “How do you explain something to someone who hasn’t ever”….. Our Country is controlled by people who “Hasn’t Ever” been poor, gone hungry, lived on the streets, been sick with no where to go, or can see no way out of the situation they are in….. These are the people that make the laws that control what we (the other 99%) must live by….. Sure, they’re SUPPOSED to be governed by those same laws, but, extreme wealth and power can b-e-n-d and/or override ANY law, up to and including Murder!….. Welcome to the “Real World”……

  3. My point was 1. Is it as bad out there as the doom and gloom media says it is? and 2. If it is, Where is everyone getting the money to be on the roads as much as they are. There’s more traffic than ever. Not just in the cities.

  4. J.J.

    We are counting on you to bring back the news of the nation. What’s going on out there?

    7 billion in the world and counting. It certainly must be bad for a number of people. We just don’t see it if we’re not in line down at the food bank or in the emergency room.

    This country was built for cars. Can’t get along without one. No choice but to put everything on credit if there’s no cash and keep on driving.

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