Travelogue 12/05

Greetings all from sunny Ripon, CA. Beats the heck out of the snow and ice of the last 2 days in NM. and AZ. Hope all had a good turkey/ham day. Me, Mrs. JJ, MR and his sis in law let the restaraunt do the cookin’ & cleanin’. The hot topic of dicussion on the road is. Who do you think will be the GOP nominee? and do you think they can beat Obama? The floor is open.

5 Responses to “Travelogue 12/05”

  1. It was a Good Thanksgiving, Mr. J….. It’s only my opinion, but, I think we’re in BIG trouble – Neither Party has anyone to offer that can Honestly get us out of the mess we’re in…..

  2. I’m a little saddened by Cain’s departure. I hope we dont lose the entertainment value from the remaining GOP hopefuls. I guess it’s up to Newt to fill in for Cain. Imagine the fun having a President named “Newt”. I mean the other candidates are good for a few laughs but Cain had me rolling. It’s up to you Newt. I had a real laugh reading the Gingrich Ethics Report so I know you can do it again.

    Mitt, learn how to tell a joke. OK?

  3. I agree with you totally, Anon…… ….But, It is a little sad that we have to elect a President based on his Entertainment Value (EV Factor)….. I guess we had better laugh it up now ’cause it’ll be all downhill after the election, unless some new candidate steps in, which is doubtful, and saves the day…. It’s a bad state of affairs, so, I guess the only thing to do is “Yuck It Up”, which will lead us to “Chuck It UP!”…..

  4. J.J.. I didn’t answer your question. Mitt and Obama by a hair. Who will be Mitt’s VP choice I wonder.

  5. Very good points everyone. I think Mitt will tap either Chris Christie, or Marco Rubio. That is the only ticket that could give Obama a good race.

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