Well it’s about time……

Looks like Tokyo just got a great theme hotel. What’s better than an overnight stay in Tokyo and seeing this from the window?




Fittingly built at the old Toho Shinjuku Theater Building, they stuck a life-sized head 17 stories up, and the hotel sports a few View Rooms for about $125/night, and a special Godzilla-themed suite for around $330/night.


Is it racist that I’d dearly love to visit, just so I can run out in the street in a baseball cap and glasses, point up and scream “Godzirra!!!!”?

Apologies for the music, but here’s a vid with the inside of the hotel….

I think it’s great when corporate development and municipal zoning embraces the lighter side of things!


One Response to “Well it’s about time……”

  1. At $330 a night I want fire breathing. Not too much to ask. They make the drinks smoke.

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