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Lookin’ at the World thru a Windshield 10/11

I originally put up a post just before I got rolling Tues. morn but I guess it did not go thru, I’m still learning to use the phone as a browser. Anyhoo, I just made it home gonna take the 12th off and get back on the road Thursday the 13th. Talk to all of […]

Lookin’ at the World thru a windshield 10/10

Just got unloaded in Spartanburg, SC now waiting on dispatch to send me the next load. Once upon a time they sent us a pre-plan, so we knew what was next, now not so often. So when I know I’ll put it up. Ever wake up with a song in your head? today’s is “Little […]

Lookin’ at the world thru a windshield.10-9/15-11

Here’s an average week for me. Hope it is not too boring.


Are you guys interested in a little travelog of one of my weeks? now that I can update daily, I can post a running post from the road. If so let me know. if not let me know.

I need Advice Friends.

I am soliciting advice from friends and family on something. I have been working for the same company for over 2 years now, Every time that I want some time off I am given grief and they act like I am stealing from them. I am in a industry that takes me away from my […]

It’s Time, Time, Time…..

We all get to “Time Travel” one hour into the future, well, it’s not really time travel, but, we do “Spring Forward” and lose an hour until next Fall (huh?)….. ¬†What a pain, resetting all your clocks, including that uncooperative internal body clock – that’s the one that gives me the most trouble….. A little […]


That’s right, Skiattle….. Remember me telling everyone about how little snow and ice Seattle gets?…. Well, I guess it just takes a visit from me to screw it all up!….. It’s like 19 degrees out there right now (the high for the day is supposed to be a scorching 27 degrees) and there is SNOW […]

Seattle Beware…..

Yep, it’s time Mrambler pulled an inspection of the Seattle branch of MR Central…… Actually, it’s more of a vacation as I get out of Oklahoma for a while and enjoy the Great White North….. I plan to see lots of new things, including looking around for future digs along with visiting old friends, such […]

Chicago Blues…..

“Just a White Boy lost in the Blues” (John Mayall) – Chicago style, that is!…. Having a great time in the Windy City, takin’ in the sights and especially the Blues Sounds….. Here’s a couple of great Bluesmen I had the honor to see perform live since I’ve been here, and, if you’re Blues inclined, […]


Anyone out there been lucky enough to have seen our Super-Tech Jek lately?…… I can’t catch-up with him…… First, he’s in Seattle, then I hear he’s in Ft. Worth – Then Houston – Then Seattle!….. Now I hear that he’s in Venice, Italy – Soon to be headed for Munich, Germany….. Has our Super-Tech turned […]

United Airlines, You Chap My Hide

All seemed normal: my flight to Denver made it on time. My flight to OKC was on time according to the board. Then an announcement that our flight was going to contain passengers destined for Tulsa AND we were actually going to stop in Tulsa! My 1-stop trip to OKC now turned to a 2-stop […]

MR NW Surprise Inspection

I just returned from the Great White (Or should I say Wet) NW and all was well, looks like most of the previous construction is just about done and except for a few fender benders travel was a breeze. Sorry kids that I did not check in while in the area but I was trying […]

It’s That Time Again….

Yep, it’s yearly inspection time for the Great Northwest Seattle HQ…… After a short vacation in Portland (01OCT-04OCT), I’ll then be heading for Seattle (05OCT-11OCT) to conduct a surprise inspection on Jektown and various unsuspecting MR community members….. You say, “How can it be a surprise inspection if I’m Posting the fact that I’m on […]

It was 40 years ago today…..

Young Neil took a small step to play…… On Earth’s moon so far away….. Back again in 2020, so they say….. I hope I’ll be around that day…… I can say that I got to see the whole thing unfold on a ungainly big box of a TV with a small screen (Television had only […]

Run, Hide, I’m Coming

It’s time for my semi annual visit to the Great White MR Central NW division. I will be in country 10 Dec thru 14 Dec I look forward to seeing Jek and Tarn and Meeting the rest of you. Hope to be at Jek’s lair on the 12th or 13th with spot inspections through out. […]