I’ve Got It…..

Going to Seattle soon…..  The part I hate is going through Security…..  Here’s my plan…..  I’m wearing NOTHING but see-through underwear – no shoes, no pants, no shirt, etc……  My bags with all be transparent plastic and anything electronic I’ll ship a day or two ahead of departure…..  It may sound weird, but, that’s right in line with what they would make you do if they could get away with it…..  Of course, I’ll probably be arrested for being a nut case, but, that fits in with everyone in our current Government anyway…..

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  1. Ewwwww!

  2. You’re right about that, Anon…. But, with what happened in LA, there’s no telling what kind of Brew-Ha-Ha, we, the public may be subjected to….. Maybe they’re trying to force everybody to just give up travel and stay at home…. That would make it much easier for the Government to keep track of the population…… We’re losing our Rights and Freedom of movement with every passing second….. I hope I’m wrong, but, I don’t think so…..

  3. Started the old packing for the trip thing yesterday….. I guess it’s been too long, as I just filled-up my old trusty shaving bag and packed it in the suitcase….. I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that wouldn’t fly (get it?)….. Might as well throw the shaving bag in the trash because any liquids, gels, shampoos, etc., etc. HAVE to be in a clear plastic bag….. Just like my Old Man Medications….. I guess I’m just getting too old for Security Checks….. I love to fly and once I’m through Security, I’m fine, which, by the way, have so many rules/regulations that don’t protect/prevent anything… They are just STUPID Government rules….. I guess it’s a written law for the Government to pass 10 STUPID rules for every really good one!…..

  4. ok. Thanks, Now I am scarred for life and then some. Not to mention the visions I will have for many years to come.

  5. Enjoy your Nightmares, J. (Ha!)…….

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