“Large Hail – Damaging Winds….”


… I am sick of hearing this phrase, to say the least….. It all started on March 30, with the picture above…. Since then, every week, during the middle part of the week, we have had the same thing – “Large Hail – Damaging Winds….”…. Argh!!!.. Last night was the worst, but almost the same as the one we had on Monday night (that’s TWO for this week!), and one the week before, and another the week before that!…. I was chased by this latest hail storm trying to get my car to a safe location…. I had been using the car wash located about a block away from my apartment, but, this time it was already full of cars, so I made a mad dash for my sister-in-law’s carport…. I got caught in a heavy downpour with hail on the way (No damage, luckily), managed to outrun it and barely make it to the carport before it really started to come down…. This is getting ridiculous!… We have broken rainfall and freezing low temperature records one after another for April…. It’s the same thing over and over again – We have a couple of days of temps in the high ’70’s, then a super cold front drops down, and bam! – “large Hail – Damaging Winds….” – then a couple of days in the ’30’s and 40’s – Then it all repeats again…. The forecast for the coning week is for a couple of days in the ’80’s, then on Wednesday BAM! – “Large Hail – Damaging Winds….” – Temps are to drop into the low ’30’s followed by a couple of days of cold weather… If I never hear that phrase again, it’ll be too soon, BUT, I’m sure I will…. We’re not even into the Thunderstorm/Tornado season yet!….. I think we’ve damaged the Planet beyond repair and now we are paying the price…

2 Responses to ““Large Hail – Damaging Winds….””

  1. The one I’m getting sick of hearing is “Record Snowfall for this month!!!” It’s fargin May for gods sake and there was a blizzard in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and even snow on I-40 in Arkansas on Friday! One has to remember the fact that I don’t like any inclement weather that impedes my ability to earn my living or that might cause injury to myself or others. I Damn sure can’t afford to be hurt in a weather related wreck and not be able to work. Bring on the sun!!!!

  2. Yep, a travelin’ man has his problems…. The weather is definitely screwy all across the country….. I can stand a little bad weather, but Frozen Snowflakes (Hail) and Tornadoes top my “Unwanted” list….. Whatever happened to a nice calm cloudy day with a slow gentle rain?….. Haven’t seen any of that around here in ages……

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