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Thunder Sonics……

Lost AGAIN!!!….  I think the Thunder Sonics have been taking lessons from Bob Stoops and the OU Football team…..  They have a great team during the regular season – Get in the Playoffs – Turn a 0-2 start into a 4 game winning streak getting them into the Finals….  Then they revert to their childhood […]

“Come Together…..

….Right Now (actually 40 some odd years later), Over Us”……  Seems MRambler Central has the ability to bring people in contact that left Oklahoma and all it’s Glory (or Gory) long, long ago…..  Greg Gellman picked-up on a Post made way back in January, 2006 called, “Musicians Stand Up and be Counted”, which, by the […]

Help Name our New CD…..

Here’s your chance to give a little help……  We, as in Terraplane, have just finished recording all the tracks for a new CD that we hope to get out in the next few weeks or so…..  There are 4 new originals, 3 new Terraplane cover versions of some songs we like, and, 2 King Crimson covers from […]

They’re Back!…..

I thought maybe, just maybe, that Tornadoes and Heavy-Duty Thunderstorms would leave Oklahoma alone this year since they have been battering States and localities that very rarely get such things – BUT NO! – Yesterday we had Tornadoes in Western Oklahoma heading for “You-Know-Where” (MR HQ)……  Luckily, they turned South and didn’t get us……  Along […]

Only in the Great Northwest……

Here’s another snapshot that Anon sent me….. It was originally titled, “So much for that Global Warming/Endangered Species claptrap!!!!”, but, I know the inside story…. Whitey the  Polar Bear is merely being a good citizen and is offering the pedestrian on the passenger’s side of Whitey’s Ford pick-up a ride (Yes, Polar Bear’s can get Driver’s […]


Here at MR Central Headquarters it is 2012…..  It is just barely 2012 by a minute or so – Oklahoma (CST) Time…..  I noticed the Blog’s log clock shows it’s an hour or so into the New Year – I guess it’s set to Eastern Standard Time – In any case, all of you West […]

A Weird New Years…..

To celebrate New Years, Oklahoma City has what it calls, “Opening Night” on New Year’s Eve…..  This event takes place in the section of OKC called, “Bricktown”…..  There’s music, food, entertainment, and fireworks…..  This year they’ve got two headliner music acts – The Flaming Lips, which is an Oklahoma group that made it fairly big, […]

Make your voice heard.

Back in August I took the time to sit down and write to one of our senators from Oklahoma. As many of you may remember Sen. Coburn R.OK proposed his budget cuts which included cuts to Veterans Affairs. I went to Dr. Coburn’s website and sent him my feelings on this issue. Well this last […]

MRambler’s Archives #3

When we started Wolfbrand Band, we decided to make a “Demo” tape that we could give to prospective employers (i.e. Club Owners, Organizations, etc.)…. We recorded Five (5) songs in November of 1973….. Now, we had no funds to go into an actual recording studio, nor did we have a mixer or any of the […]

Watermelon Slim, Again……

Got to see Watermelon Slim again at the Blue Door in OKC… It turned out to be a Grateful Dead length gig…. He started about 15 minutes after 8 pm, took a short 15 minute break after about 1 1/2 hours, then played ’til they had to close the place at Midnight!…. I think he […]

Six Days on the Road……

Just talked to J.J., the “Road Master”, and he said he was almost back in OKC…. Thought I would give him a song to listen to next time he hits the Interstates…. It’s another “Wolfbrand Band” track from the 30MAY74 gig (for more info on WB, check the Archives #1 Post)…. Here’s “Wolfbrand Band’s” version […]

MRambler’s Archives #2

Since I’m going to be heading out of town on Thursday, and, as par for the course, I’m not packed and ready yet, I thought I would Post this Archive a bit early…. Since there was a request for “King Crimson”, here’s “Terraplane’s” version of “Lark’s Tongue in Aspic“, and since this is an instrumental, […]

MR Coroner. 10/30

Our office has just learned of the passing of an Okla. broadcasting icon. Bob Barry Sr. was 80 He was found in his Norman home Sunday afternoon. Bob was the voice of the OU Sooners from 1961 until his retirement at the end of the 2010 football season. He was also the sports director for […]

MRambler’s Archives #1…..

Since we’re all not getting any younger, and I did receive a fairly good reception to Posting one of songs performed by one of the bands I used to be in, I thought I would, every week or so, Post a different song that hasn’t been heard by almost anyone but myself that was recorded […]

David Lindley at The Blue Door……

I had the great Pleasure to see David Lindley at the coolest local bar in OKC, maybe in the U.S., and that’s not stretching it!….. The Blue Door is a small club located near Oklahoma City University….. Nothing fancy, it’s really a musician’s club – a place where musicians go to here other great musicians, […]