Well, It’s Here……

Yep, We were having snow last week, now that it’s April, we’re looking at mid 80’s today, along with severe weather…..  It started last night, but, the big stuff is supposed to be here late this evening into the night……  Our severe weather is like a VampireLoves to strike in the dark of the night…..  BUT, this is news – Not good news, but news – They changed their usual saying from “Large Hail, Damaging Winds” to “VERY Large Hail, Damaging Winds”Thank You very much (Ha!)……  They’re predicted hail up to baseball size…..  Can you image what kind of damage that will cause if it actually happens?….  Like I’ve said before, our forecasters have a hard time of forecasting due to the fact we’re a big flat spot in the middle of the U.S.…..  So, since I have no protection of any kind for my 240SX SE, I’ve got to impose on my sister-in-law and use her carport and maybe even end up sleeping on her couch!….  Oklahoma – It’s great (Ha! Again)……  Since I’m bitching, I might as well throw in that Oklahoma is now the 4th worst state for allergies (was 9th), and , yes, I have allergies (aH-CheW!)….  Welcome to Spring in Oklahoma everybody……  Come visit – Just bring your own personal suit of armor and plenty of allergy medication……

4 Responses to “Well, It’s Here……”

  1. #1 by huskysooner

    Man, I love spring!

  2. HS, the Mike Morgan of Kansas (Ha!)…… It looks like you’re getting hammered up there already….. The severe weather failed to develop totally in Oklahoma and mostly hit Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas….. We lucked out here – THIS TIME….. Yeah, I really love Spring!……

  3. I love any season that does not include Snow, Ice, or temps below 40°f

  4. Sorry, Mr. J., I can handle moderate snow and temps below 40 degrees, not that I care for them that much, but, Ice and Severe Weather, I have no use for what-so-ever…… I know being a truck driver, you would be happy with eternal clear skies, no side winds, and temps in the 70’s, but, you too, do have a stationary home and unprotected vehicles just as I do, so, I don’t care for the constant threat of “Very Large Hail – Damaging Winds” along with Tornadoes, which is Spring in Oklahoma….. Happy Motoring, Mr J.

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