Back in OklaLooby…..

Yep, I’m back, trying to recover from packing in about a month and half’s worth of good times in 8 days (The 2 travel days don’t count, especially the 13 HOURS it took to get to Seattle due to flight delays)……  Getting settled back in slowly while trying to make some progress on a “To Do” list that’s longer than any kid’s Christmas List (Ha!)…..  Happy Holidays to everyone, since, somehow, the season has sneaked up on me again…..  Got lots to due before the old Christmas deadline, which is fast approaching……  Good and Bad to be back, but, what can you do?…..  The best you can I guess…..  Happy Holidays……

11 Responses to “Back in OklaLooby…..”

  1. Glad you’re back safely and that the weather was nice for you. I saw it was raining for the Monday Night Football game up there.

  2. Just thick air.

    Did you feel the earthquake?

  3. I was in Seattle for 10 days and there was only ONE (1) day that it was really cloudy….. No rain the whole 10 days…… I left Saturday morning and took the OklaLooby Sunshine with me…… Anon, I didn’t hear about the latest earthquake….. anyways, I didn’t feel it….. It seems it’s started to be a more than regular event here in Central OklaLooby!…… I’ve been awakened more than once by them….. I think the highest one was in the 4.5 to 4.7 range….. All of the oil companies are trying their hardest to deny that they are being caused by “Fracking” (an oil procedure that breaks up underground rocks and strata layers to produce gas)…….

  4. It was a minor earthquake caused by fans at the Sea Hawks game.

  5. You’re talking about Seattle, Anon….. I don’t keep up with sports much – Either the Sea Hawks had a GREAT game or really BLEW IT, if they caused an earthquake (Ha!)……

  6. Good grief, MR, they’re pretty much the best team in the NFL this year.

  7. Sorry, HS, I do get quite a bit of info on sports from a friend of mine who, shall we say, is “Intimately Involved” in sports….. I do remember him telling me that the Sea Hawks were one of the best teams in the NFL….. I keep a closer watch on the college scene myself, and, as long as I don’t make any bets myself, I do a great job of picking winners….. My friend is always bugging me about this game or that game, whether a team will cover, or the score will be over or under, etc…… S-o-o-o, I’m not completely ignorant of the sports scene….. Did the Sea Hawks win?…… (Ha!)……

  8. From what I read the Seahawks are rated #1, at least here in Seattle.
    And we recaptured the title of loudest stadium.

    During that Monday night game fans were so loud they registered on the UW’s seismograph.

  9. I mentioned all the earthquakes we have been getting in OklaLooby in an earlier comment….. Well, yesterday, we had Three (3), one within blocks of where I live, the other two within a 5 mile radius….. The biggest one happened around noon and was rated at 4.8…… Seems like the only bad naturally occurring weather causing event we don’t have here is a volcano!…. Yeah, we don’t have hurricanes/typhoons, but tornados, like the one we had on 20MAY13, makes them seem like a light summer breeze!…… I wonder if an earthquake can cause a volcano?…… H-m-m-m, I better shut up!….. It might just happen……

  10. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Can’t wait to see, hear, and watch all from the trip.

  11. Good to hear from you, Mr. J. …. Are you ever going to make it back to OklaLooby????? Seems like you’re a travelin’ Gypsy right now, just wonderin’ around Coast to Coast….. See you when I see you, I guess….. eh?….

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