How Stupid Can You Get?…..

Around 2002, our brilliant Oklahoma lawmakers decided we needed a Dome on our State Capitol…..  Never mind that we were one of only two states that did not have a visible dome on their capitol building…..  Don’t remember which was the other state… Oh, well, we had a dome, which you could see from the inside, but, on the outside there were high parapet walls around it……  Well, they spent millions upon millions to build this huge dome with an Indian on a Horse at the very top…..  Impressive, not really….  Now our capitol looks like every other capitol in every other state….  Here’s the really stupid part…..  Now the Capitol building is crumbling right out from under this spectacular dome!…..  I don’t know if the added weight of the dome has anything to do with it, but, they’ve roped off the area around the outside as large chucks of limestone are crashing off the outside of the building….  The inside is also falling apart – the plumbing is totally shot and the electrical is about the same…..  Here’s the clincherTHEY DON’T HAVE ANY FUNDS TO REPAIR THE CAPITOL!…..  If they would have spent those million of dollars on repairs instead trying to make our capitol look like every other capitol, they wouldn’t be in this mess, so, we might still make history as the only State in the Union WITHOUT a Capitol Building (Ha!)……

4 Responses to “How Stupid Can You Get?…..”

  1. I would expect nothing less. This state is so worried about “Appearances” and could care less about substance or what will be destroyed to make the outside look good. I knew that when they started having “Dome Envy” it would turn out all bad. The building was not built for a Dome. I’m surprised it has lasted this long.

  2. I think you see my point, Mr. J…… Oklahoma’s good at one thing though….. Grooming crooked politicians for Washington….. I think other states actually send people here to be elected and trained…… Funny how the same politicians keep getting re-elected over and over again until they can’t run anymore, and then they run for Congress….. Our Governor (term used very loosely) is doing exactly that!…. Hu-m-m-m-m-m, wonder if something a bit on the shady side is going on??????……

  3. I concur with MR. J concerning appearance. If it’s not about the Bricktown image, forget any funding for education, health care, etc. in this great state or what? Yeah, right. MR & I are trying to position ourselves to move to Seattle! We’d fit right in with the “starving musician” scene.

  4. Raj or Mr. J. – Got a sandwich for a starving musician……… I agree it’s time to get OUT of this State…… Oh, Yeah, I forgot to note that our State Legislatures are the Doctors of Oklahoma now, also…… I think I mentioned it in the VA fund cutting poster Post…… Yeah, they (the Politicians) are truly overworked at trying to get ALL THE POWER AND ALL THE MONEY IN THE STATE IN THEIR POCKETS, period…..

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