Run, MRambler, Run….

Yep, it’s the Weather again!…. Sorry….. My last post was on the 18th (Jek’s Birthday – Happy Birthday to you, Jek), the day before the deadly Tornadoes on the 19th and 20th…. The ones on the 19th were North and South of me…. I think they were “Bracketing” me in for the 20th!…. That one was less than 5 miles South of me, and, if it would have taken a small left hand turn North, I would have been directly in it’s path…. The problem is we have the SAME conditions for the next 3 1/2 days that spawned last week’s Tornadoes…. So, if I don’t post anything on Sunday, somebody check and see if I’m still around (Ha!)!…. The constant threat seems to be HAIL… It used to be the only way we got rain was with fast moving Thunderstorms – Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning…. Now, it seems EVERY Thunderstorm has HAIL in it, so, I’ve been running like a scared rabbit constantly to find shelter for my car…. As I said, this all started way back on March 30…. We were in an Extraordinary Drought – The worst you can have…. Now we are at over DOUBLE our yearly average of precipitation, within 5 inches of our yearly total and we’re not even halfway through the year!…. We’ve had at least one Severe Thunderstorm (2 to 3 some weeks) with Hail and Brimstone every week since March 30, cumulating into the Tornadoes last week, and it’s not letting up!…. I don’t want to wish these on any other parts of the World, but, I’m more than ready for all this to stop, so, if you know a Weather Spell or some VooDoo, bring it on, it would be most appreciated!…. Keeping a low profile with fingers crossed…..

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  1. According to a PBS program on tornadoes your bad years are caused by la Nina and cold currents in the Pacific. Your normal bad years are because you live in Oklahoma. Why not move to earthquake country and experience the really big one.

  2. I’m more than ready to move, BUT, unfortunately, the all-mighty Dollar controls what you’re capable of doing….. The last of the “Last Straws” came Friday on the 31st of May….. On the 20th, I was about 5 miles from the Moore Tornado…. On the 31st, it was less than 1/2 mile!….. Granted the Tornado was a lot smaller, but, sitting in an underground storm shelter with the sirens going crazy with intermittent announcements of “Imminent Tornado, Seek Underground Shelter Immediately” was uncomfortable at the least….. We spent over an hour and a half in there, listening to the Tornado Warnings on the weather radio, and then, well after the sirens had stopped, we got soaked getting from the shelter back to house as it continued to downpour for the rest of the night….. We got over 8 inches of rain that night, making it the wettest May on record….. At my apartment, the electric was all screwed up, working at brown-out levels….. Finally late last night, they got it back up to par, but, I still waited until now before I turned on my computer just to make sure it wasn’t going to be damaged….. Here’s the WORST of it – Starting this coming Tuesday, we, AGAIN, have Severe Storms predicted through Saturday!….. I’m more than run down, I’m exhausted!….. Give me a BREAK!…… This has been going on since March 30….. A-r-ghhhhhh……

  3. a little Update….. One of the Tornadoes that was chasing me last Friday has now been classified an EF5 with 296 mph winds….. Here’s the kicker – It measured 2.6 (YES, 2.6) Miles wide!!!! That makes it the largest Tornado EVER in the WORLD!…. Along with that, we had the wettest May on record, two EF5 Tornadoes within a 100 mile (actually, ours were within about 40 miles of each other) in the shortest period (9 Days) ever recorded…. I’m sure there were more records that I’m not aware of, BUT, the bottom line is that I’ve been up since 4:00 am this morning due to, you guessed it, SEVERE STORMS….. They won’t stop!…. We’re under Severe Storm Warnings and Flood Warnings through tomorrow!….. They’re promising it will all calm down for a while after that….. The actual forecast is that we are going directly to Summer by this Sunday….. Highs are predicted in the mid-90’s starting Monday….. For the past 3-4 years we’ve really had no Spring or Fall, we were going straight from Winter to Summer – Summer to Winter, hence the drought we have been in….. This year we didn’t have much of a Winter, but we had like 4 Springs (our stormy season) in one….. I really don’t care for the Hot Summers of Oklahoma, but, I’m more than ready to be done with this craziness!!!…. Crossing my fingers that we don’t get the big one in this last push of Storms happening today and tonight….. Wish us poor drowned/Tornado damaged Rats LUCK…..

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