If It’s Not One Thing…..

It’s Another…..  We finally got all the big fires out in Oklahoma….  We sent them to the West, including Washington state….  Sorry ‘Bout that!…..  I would say you Northwesters’ should move to Oklahoma where all the ground is already burnt, but, we have a much deadlier enemy now – West Nile Virus.….  The worst outbreak in history!…..  It started in Texas and has moved into Oklahoma with a vengeance!……  They are actually spraying the entire city of Dallas where they have had over 200 cases reported with 10+ deaths…..  Well, it’s here now!…..  In Oklahoma county alone there has been 62 cases reported with 2 deaths so far…..  They say you can have it and not even know it, so, the number of cases could be far greater…..  Unfortunately, it’s basically age dependent on the seriousness scale…..  The young and old are the one’s most at risk, and, yes, I fall in one of those groups!….  You guess (Ha!)…..  I really doubt that OKC will follow Dallas’s lead by spraying, they don’t like to spend money that don’t go into some relative’s pocket, so, I’m off to the store to buy bug spray and hiding out indoors for the rest of the Summer….  Great life!….

6 Responses to “If It’s Not One Thing…..”

  1. My suggestion:

    Invite Paul Ryan down for some Noodling. Everyone else leave until winter.

  2. Why pick on a semi-criminal-in-the-making, Anon?….. Let’s make it the entire U.S. Congress…..I can’t think of any large self-serving group that has accomplished less for the country…… First, give them an invitation they can’t refuse…. When they arrive in Oklahoma give them an outdoor banquet in a prime location…… Mosquitoes love spoiled rotten Senators and Representatives….. Probably kill off the mosquitoes in the process!……

  3. I don’t know why but that reminds me of a Tabasco commercial from a few years ago.

  4. The commercial in question has a guy eating pizza on his porch and a non working bug sapper in the background

  5. He putts a drop of Tabasco on ever bit, as he sits there on his porch on the edge of the bayou. Mosquitoes buzzing the light of the bug zapper.

  6. The man takes a bite of Tabasco pizza and watches a mosquito land on his knee. He smiles a knowing smile and eats another bite of pizza the mosquito drinks her fill and flies away. Within a foot the mosquito explodes. Tabasco more then a good sauce. 🙂

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