Oklahoma’s Burning!…..

Not only do we have to deal with Tornadoes, Wind Storms, Hail Storms, Ice Storms, and Blizzards, in the past two years we have added Fire Storms!…..  We haven’t been under 100 degrees since July 17th…..  This past week we had two days at 111, Two days at 112, and set the all time hottest day with a tie with the 1936 high record of 113 and the hottest low of 84 degrees!…..  We had been fighting high humidity percentages until last week…..  All of a sudden the humidity dropped off to below Desert levels – 12 percent!…..  Since we haven’t had any rain to speak of over the past three months, it was a disaster  waiting to happen…..  On Friday it did!….  With winds in the 20-25 mph range, we had an outbreak of Wild Fires all over the state….  The worst ones located uncomfortably near MR HQ…..  Thousands of acres burned, Hundreds of structure lost…..  Some of those fires are still burning 3 days later, along with new ones popping up all over…..  All the brush and trees are so dry that if you just look at them and think fire, they burst into flames (just about anyway)……  Oklahoma is NOT just open prairie like most people think, we have lots of large oak, cedar, and blackjack trees….  The Cedar trees actually EXPLODE when they catch fire (No Kidding!)…..  With the wind and the 150 foot high flames, the fires were literally jumping over firefighters and fire breaks….  They have had very serious problems containing the fires……  It’s a MESS…..  So, Oklahoma is literally BURNING – Heat and Fire wise…..  Send water – Hell, the Pacific Ocean if possible…..

Looks like the only way to survive in Oklahoma is to become a Hobbit and live underground!…..  I’m going to Home Depot and buy some shovels and start digging…..   Wish us LUCK, We NEED it!…..

4 Responses to “Oklahoma’s Burning!…..”

  1. Yeah, It doesn’t help that we have some Ignorant A.Holes driving along and igniting them either. Throwing out Cigarettes, Parking their cars over tall dry grass with hot exhaust, and the most galling one of all, someone in a pickup throwing out burning newspaper!!

  2. Yeah, if you see a 2008 Ford F-150 pick-up, Black or Dark Blue with Red lettering on the side driving around Seattle with a White Dude behind the wheel, give us a call….. He’s wanted for starting the fire that nearly burned the town of Luther to the ground….. I wonder how much the HEAT affects a person’s mental abilities???? No excuse for something like this, though….

  3. On the news this morning, they said that 93,000 acres of land were burned since Friday!….. They still don’t have a count on the total number of structures destroyed and are still fighting hot spots in some areas…… Luckily, the humidity has risen and the winds have gone down somewhat, so, it’s back to a walking into a wall of heated stuffiness as the temps are still in the triple digits….. What a place to live!…. Let’s all retire to Oklahoma….. You move here, and I’ll sneak out the back…..

  4. How hot is it. It’s so hot that the barbecue grills are melting. 🙂

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