Australian President – #1 Asshole…..

I try to stay away from Politics as much as possible, but, this one just got to me in the wrong way….. Yes, it was a very sad event….. The taking of a life for no other reason than being bored, but for the President of Australia to blame the incident on our “Lack of Gun Control” is nothing short of severe shortsightedness and stupidity!….. Maybe he should check out the multiple countries where anyone 6 months or older carry firearms and know how to use them?…. Maybe he should consider that you can kill a person with nothing more than a dull pencil if that’s all that’s available?…. If they had made up their mind to kill someone – They didn’t need a gun to do it – They would have found any of hundreds of ways to commit the crime!….. I know it’s an old, old saying, but, Guns do not kill – PEOPLE DO!…. The human mind is capable of some very horrific acts of violence…. I’m sorry, I don’t think us, as American citizens, should be the “Fall Guy” and be classified as Barbaric, insane killers….. I, personally, decided a few years back, that I no longer desired to travel outside of the U.S. for this very reason…. I don’t feel endangered or scared to walk our streets in America…. I feel that we live in one of the safest (if not, the safest) country on the face of the Earth…. So – UP YOURS – Mr. Australian President…. Maybe you should take a deep, long look into corruption and violence in your own country before you start pointing fingers….. What’s that saying, “He who cast the first stone” (something like that)….. I’m removing my “Soapbox and stepping down”…..

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  1. We should not loose sight that past and current surveys of where college grads around the world would like to start their career? The USA is still#1

    Where do most foreigners want to go? New York, Route 66, LA

    I carried products back to Belgium almost every trip with things either not available there or less costly in the US

    I say rave on Mr President we are still the #1 destination for opportunity guns or no guns.

    What no comments on the Maj7b5 chord? I shared it live with MRambler.

  2. Right on, Maj7 ….. The Maj7b5 chord does leave you hangin’ (if you don’t know what that means – look it up and play it)….. Note to Maj7 – Your comment was held in moderation for my approval, which usually means you were not logged in – It’s no big problem and we’ll go over it next time I see you….. Long Live the U.S. and all our Freedoms that were hard won ( Vietnam Vet talking here)……

  3. I couldn’t agree more. It don’t get no better than here. As a Gun Owner I agree someone had to operate that firearm. They are not fully automatic. pun. Just because 3 little urban PUNKS can’t find someother way to get their rocks off don’t hate the US because we will stand up for the right to legally own a firearm. Instead of gun control how about PUNK CONTROL.

  4. Yes, PUNK Control should be at the top of the list…. It just seems to be going from bad to worse….. What’s with this up and coming generation anyhow?…… I know a few people who would love to teach a “Punk or be Punked” class….. I bet they would come out of there with a major attitude adjustment!…..

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