This says it all!


5 Responses to “This says it all!”

  1. Okay, Raj, I’ll give you a break since you’re new to the Blog….. This and the previous Post could have been made as comments to your original Post on Oklahoma weather…… It would have condensed things up a bit….. It’s sort of a confusing process to put pics in a comment, but, it can be done…. I’ll give you a short class next time I see you…… NOTE TO OUR LONG TIME MR MEMBERS: Be patient with the “New Kid on the Block”….. We’re all dumb at one time or other (Some of us stay that way – Me included (Ha!).)…

  2. I defer to you, but intended for it to be a new post. At my age, with my eyesight to the blind, easier is better!

  3. Cool, no problem, and it does put the graphics right up there where you can see them even with coke-bottle thick reading glasses (Ha!)….. Don’t let what I said stop you from Posting as I was unaware that you wanted them as separate Posts….. We (I) welcome any and all Posts about about any and all things…. Of course, we do have a little class, so, the ultra Rude and Crude will probably be toned down if need be….. So far, it’s never been a problem….. Post Away!……

  4. I have class! At one time, middle. Not sure about that anymore.

  5. Yeah, the middle class is a myth, but the middle of the body just keeps getting bigger and bigger (Ha!)……

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