“The Russians are Coming”….

During the “Cold War”, Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical attacks by Russia were a real threat…. The following is a tri-fold, card stock, six page, wallet size pamphlet issued to ALL Army personnel… This is the one I was issued in 1966…. It goes into detail of what to do when an attack is imminent, what to do during and after the attack if you survived…. Pretty serious stuff…. I’m going to put it back in my billfold…. With the arrogant out-of-touch Administration we have now, you never know if and when some idiot is going to push “The Button”…. It won’t matter which side does it – The results would be the same – “Bend Over and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye”…..


2 Responses to ““The Russians are Coming”….”

  1. NBC? Hmmmm…..

  2. Seems to stand for another “Off The Mark” organization, doesn’t it?…… Hmmmmmm, indeed…..

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