Anyone Else Do This?

One of the few perks of getting old. Lolimage

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  1. #1 by Randalf the Grey

    I WISH. Raj’s latest post is the perfect vehicle for me to re-inject myself into MRambler dialog. GREETINGS BLOGGERS, it’s been too long. I’m not the same carefree old retired dude that I was in 2005-07 when I was a regular on here. There just aren’t enough hours in a day. My wife and I are helping our daughter raise our grandson who is now 3 years old. I will probably subject you to a photo of Logan Randall Kelley as soon as I have the time to re-familiarize myself with the posting process and probably download some software. I do hope to find the time to be a regular contributor again ’cause I miss you guys.

  2. Sounds Like a Plan. Naps are Good.
    Hey RTG Welcome Back. Your unique Mile High Perspective (it’s the mountain air) has been missed. And you thought your parenting days were over.

  3. I already welcomed back Randalf in the previous Post, but, you can’t say it too much – Welcome Back, and, I more than understand how time just disappears without any logical explanation…… Wasn’t it 1975 a couple of hours ago?….. Oh, Well, I think I’ll just take a nap and Think on it (Ha!)…..

  4. Thought you were on an extended fishing trip.

  5. Do I ever nap? The best part of my day.

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