Official Welcome…..

Forgot my manners – Comes with age, I guess…..  We do have a new member of the MR Community and we all need to give him a big old-fashioned welcome…..  I hereby welcome Raj to our community of malcontents, rejects, usurpers, and all around rabble rousers…..  WELCOME RAJ and hopefully you won’t live to regret it (too much)…..

7 Responses to “Official Welcome…..”

  1. DUH, I forgot to Welcome Raj, myself….. S-o-o-o-o, WELCOME RAJ!!!…. I also forgot to add that some of us probably have Brain Damage and Memory Slippage….. So-o-o, welcome my friend to the show that never ends…….

  2. Thanks for the intro, MR. I have known MR & his family for around 40 years. I started playing bass with local bands when I was 15. I am now on the Medicare rolls. You do the math. Have since added guitar & Synth to MY repertoire . Have played in a few bands with MR over the years, including recording projects over the last several. My main influences while learning bass were Donald “Duck” Dunn, Jack Bruce & Noel Redding. Over the years I have played in R & B, Psychedelic, Country, & progressive rock bands in hundreds of gigs.
    My musical pallet is quite broad ranging from the Animals to Frank Zappa & everything in between.. Got interested in music listening to my uncle’s 45’s an eternity ago. Elvis, Rickey Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.
    I am also a big sports fan, mainly a Yankee fan, because as a kid Mickey Mantle was my idol. Also love intelligently debating politics. Notice I said intelligently. Very few people in this state seem to possess that capability.
    Anyway, that’s about it in personally shrinking nutshell.


  3. Resume’s were not really a requirement, but, I think you’ll fit in with the rest of us misfits (Ha!)…….

  4. Yeah Raj welcome to the machine. Many have come and gone, few are crazy enough to hang. (you don’t have to be crazy to live here but it makes it more interesting) You’ll fit in here just fine.

  5. Raj,

    It’s not to late to run.

  6. Good advice, Anon….. There is no Sanity Clause here…..

  7. Maybe not, Anon. But close to “Running On Empty”, because “I’m Close To The Edge”.

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