Another New Member!…..

Can you believe it!…..  Seems there’s more of us Non-Looby’s (ask Anon) out there that want to stand up and be counted……  I, MRambler, hereby officially welcome “Shadowgraph” to our ranks of the Super-intelligent, Know-it-all, Been There – Done That Community who “Say what we mean and Mean what we say”…..  Don’t expect any slack, buttering-up etc….  When you get a compliment, you can be assured it’s the truth (although I’ve been know to apply a little “Butter” here and there (Ha!)…..

S-o-o-o-o, Let’s all give a big MR Central welcome to “Shadowgraph”…..  He’s a great addition to our Community and will bring it to the next Level (Whatever Level that is)……  Again, “WELCOME SHADOWGRAPH”……

17 Responses to “Another New Member!…..”

  1. MR,
    There are levels above and below, so I guess we’re covered for whatever the outcome. By the way, you can just call me “SG” or SGraph” if you prefer, instead of typing out “Shadowgraph”–to keep those carpals properly tunneling.

  2. Heh heh heh Another new victim. Welcome Aboard SG.

  3. I was gonna mention that I would probably refer to you as “SG”….. That’s what I do with HuskySooner, I call him “HS”….. (sh-h-h-h, I probably shouldn’t give out his name, but, you may know him, he’s the one who got Jek (John -Sh-h-h again) to move to Seattle, then his work forced him to relocate to Kansas – Dave M.)…… Question: do you want your Posts/Comments shown authored by “Weldon” or “ShadowGraph”?….. Right now, it looks like you set it up for “Weldon”, if you want it changed to “ShadowGraph” or “SG”, let me know and I’ll change it for you….. Welcome aboard, SG, and don’t pay attention to J.J. (Ha!)……

  4. There can only be one SG. The Gibson SG!

  5. Not true, Raj….. This “SG” is the man who can make a Gibson SG sound like The Winds of the Gods or a soiled stripper’s G-String….. Ya don’t mess with the “Master” where quality sound is concerned…… (Of course, sometimes it’s necessary just to remind this “SG” he’s human same as the rest of us lowly musicians (Ha!))……

  6. Interesting analysis, MR. Soiled G String. Hope it was a wound G. Lol

  7. If she was a pole dancer, you can bet it was a wound G, and definitely in tune! Of course, that would depend on what you were looking for in the first place…. How did we get from welcoming a new member to the bottom end of a pole-dancing stripper?….. Told you, SG, you don’t know what you’ve let yourself in for, but, I guarantee it’s be a great ride – E-ticket, at least!….

  8. #8 by huskysooner

    So does he or does he not play an SG?


  9. I met him through Jek in Seattle last November, played him some of our stuff, and he wanted to see what he could do with it….. SG’s a master of the mix/mastering process….. I haven’t got around to asking him if he was a musician too!…. Hm-m-m-m, how did I forget something like that?…… If he doesn’t play an SG, we’ll just have to talk him into it!…… Start a fund raiser to get SG an SG (Ha!)……

  10. Put it on Kickstart & the funds should come rolling in. Neil Young’s Pono project reached it’s stated goal the first day he supplied a link to the Kickstart page on Facebook.

  11. I don’t know, but, I really have a suspicion that Neil is just a little better known to everybody in the World, than us “JoJo’s on this Bus”…… We would probably have to bribe them to donate….. Too-Loose Productions doesn’t have those kind of funds (actually, TLP doesn’t even have a bank account -YET!)….. There’s an old saying that I heard a long time ago, “Tell the World what you intend to do, BUT, First show it”….. I think Neily-boy has done that – We haven’t – YET!….. 2014’s the year, we just have to get our butt’s in gear!….. If you’re with me – Send ALL your Money and Possessions to MRambler at – blah, blah, blah…. Had you going, didn’t I…. eh?…….


    Before you let this guy in I’ve got to tell you I know him and he’s one mean SOB. He carries a pointy stick.

  13. What happened, Anon, did he hit you with that pointy stick?…. Hm-m-m-m, I wondered where you got that pointy head from (Ha!)…….

  14. Yeah, and you tell him to ignore me!? Sounds like just the enforcer we need. Someone needs to whip Furbot back in line.

  15. HS: Pointy Stick huh? BUT, Can he defend himself against FRESH FRUIT!?

  16. I really should have checked this thread! If you want to talk about mean, Anon is the one to talk about: what do you say about a guy who gives someone a pointy stick, all the while knowing that he’s just going to get stuck with it?! You brought it on yourself, Anon!

    MRambler: Go ahead and change my username to “SG,” or “WD 4.0,” or maybe “WD 4.0, the new MRambler Central Member formerly known as ‘SG'”. By the way, I do have a couple of SG-styled Epiphones.

  17. I warned you Weldon – you gotta watch these guys 24/7….. They’ll sneak in a pun at any opportunity…… There, HS, he DOES have an “SG” (Ha!)…..

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