“Waging Heavy Peace”…..

This is the title of Neil Young’s autobiography…..  It came out a while ago…  I highly recommend every musician to read it…..  He discusses, in detail, his ideas on improving the quality of the music we hear by 90% or more as compared to what you hear on a CD or MP3…..  That, and his Electo-Volt Lincoln are two of his passions…..  Well, it looks like he’s finally got the ball rolling on the music thing and he needs our help……  Check out this link and see what you think:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1003614822/ponomusic-where-your-soul-rediscovers-music

Yep, I’m for backing Neil all the way, of course, I can’t afford much, but, this may be just what the the record industry needs, A big “Kick-In-The-Butt” by a musician of Neil’s stature……  I hope he reaches his goal…..  I want to see how this plays out……  About time us musicians (and we ARE musicians) rebelled against the “Machine”……  They forced CD’s down our throat claiming they were “Better” than Vinyl….. Smaller in size, yes, but, Vinyl still has the highest quality in the reproduction of sound…..  I think Neil’s gonna make the world a believer and I say, “More Power to Him”….  If it works out, yeah, it’s gonna cost to change over, but, look at how the video moguls forced us through, Beta, Laser Disc, VHS, DVD, and now Blue Ray…..  This one’s not from some money hungry corporation, but, from a musician who believes in and loves Music, and wants to advance it for the benefit of all…..  “Long Live Rock” in REAL High-Fidelity…….

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  1. Yes one of the best reads i’ve ever read. The process you speak of is “Pono” That is Hawaiian for “Good” Check out these sites. http://www.neilyoung.com there are links to all the different projects. Also http://www.lincvolt.com A 1959 Lincoln Convertible with a electric primary motor. Neil is someone who actually does something about his beliefs.

  2. Mr. J., check out the link in the Post…… They’re well on the way of making “Pono” a reality…..

  3. EC, yes, Eddie of “Eddie and the Kelvinators”, sent me this 26 minute link of Neil Young explaining the “Pono” system….. It’s a great history of how we went from Vinyl to what they’re pushing down our throats now….. I highly recommend you give it a listen:


  4. I concur with MR & JJ. The book is a must read for any true Neil Young fan. Ir rambles quite a bit & gets off track here & there, probably exactly how Neil’s mind works. When the book was written a few years ago, Neil explains how Pono (not the original name) was going to be developed. He put it on Facebook this week & has already received 2 1/2 times the amount of money he hoped to raise to further the project. I knew there was a reason I have always been a big fan of his.

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