The One Thing……

……We don’t have in Oklahoma, Thank God, is Mudslides……  Sorry to hear about the huge one just North of Seattle……  I think I would rather be sucked up in a Tornado than squashed and suffocated by tons of gooey Earth……  Our hearts go out to the community in Washington, and, I’m not making fun of the situation, it’s very serious, I am REALLY glad we don’t have that problem here, but, I also REALLY want to move to Seattle one of these days…..  I guess “Things are Bad all over” Weather-Wise…….  I hope none of our Seattle based members had family or friends affected by the Mudslide…..  If so, Please let us know if there is anything we can do here at MR Central……  Mother Nature can be a real Bitch when she wants to……

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  1. That was a big one. It’s been a wet spring. We went from a 60% snow pack to 105% in a month. Apparently The river was cutting into what is a slide prone hill. I used to fish just above the slide and was never aware of the danger. A small community of homes were built in the area even after previous slides and they were the ones that got wiped out.

    The river seems to be finding it’s way around and through the jam and is lessening the chance of a flash flood down stream.

    If a flash flood breaks loose, there are a couple of towns and bridges in the way including the I-5 bridge. More rain coming this week. Hoping for the best.

  2. anon, did we go anywhere close to that area when we took that “Road Trip” a few years back?…… We need the rain down here in Oklahoma – So, maybe you can see your way to send it here instead of keeping it in Washington….. eh?….. Hopefully, it won’t get any worse…. That is serious business….. Come on, God, tell Mother Nature to be a bit nicer…..

  3. MR

    You were looking at it.

    We went East up along the Stillaguamish, by the slide area, North down along the Sauk, West down the Skagit, and back home South on I-5.

  4. I thought so….. That is definitely beautiful country up there….. Hope it stays that way…..

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