E-QUIZ 9: Men in High Heels

Seems that men were the first to wear high heels, although I don’t think they were four inch stilettos. Who and why did

these men wear high heels? Five extra points for the color of the shoes.

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  1. Who: Chinese royalty. Why: So they’d be taller than non-royalty and the royal foot-bound women. I’ll guess red for the shoes.

  2. Sounds good to me…. Do I get any points for agreeing with Jek?…..

  3. The English group Traffic (Low Spark of High Heeled Boys)?

  4. I need a complete answer for points.

    1. Yes, royalty. No, not Chinese. No, not to make them taller. Not red.

    2. No, Rambler. Minus 5 points.

    3. No, not Traffic. Very creative answer though. One maybe point depending on how I feel that day.

    Once again we are in the “Way Back Machine” in the “known” western world.

  5. Do I get a prize for the most negative points?…. I can’t believe, after I spent all that time (it really didn’t take that long) to number your quizzes, you change the bloody name!…. A-R-U-G-G-H! I’ll just continue numbering them anyway – Ha-Ha!…..

  6. Oops! OK, 10 minus points for me and I will add 5 points back on to your minus score. You can change the name if it makes a difference. But, I must remind you that “I am the decider” and I don’t need no stink en badge.

  7. I’m guessing they wore them to keep most of the shoe from coming in contact with mud, dirt, or other “stuff” they didn’t want to step in….. the color would be brown to hide whatever they couldn’t avoid stepping in…..

  8. Not brown. You are close in a way. It’s not the shoe that is important.

  9. OK, they were boots and used for riding horses. The high heels fit snug in the stirrups.

  10. Jek, Nope.

    BIG CLUE : Think of a special foot.

  11. Ah – Pirates! It’s the peg-leg, the ultimate high-heel.

  12. #12 by MRambler

    No…No!…. It was English royalty, as in a King, and he wore high heels to make his feet longer and this was used as a measurement of length (as in 12 inches = a foot) throughout the kingdom and the King wanted the biggest foot in the land….. How’s that for takin’ it around Pluto?….. Oh, yeah, it was **GOLD** in color….

  13. I got a real horse race here. Here they come round the corner, into the stretch, neck to neck.

    No, not pirates.
    No, not gold.
    Yes, a King (another clue: a King or Kings….a Bran King or Kings)

    Let’s review, shall we.

    A King or Kings. A Bran King…..a clue.
    Known western world.
    Wears high heeled shoes.
    Something about a special foot…..a clue.
    Something about staying out of mud and dirt.
    Color undetermined. Not gold, red, or brown.
    Reason for wearing high heels as yet undetermined.

    Better look over your shoulder. I have a feeling some horses were laying back and are now closing in.

  14. #14 by Randalf the Grey

    John Wayne in the original version of Brokeback Mountain—“I can’t quit you, pilgrim.”

  15. HUH? Wrong! John, I knew him well, was an American and didn’t wear no high heels unless you are talking about those cowboy boots with the rhine-stones. He did wear his hat at a jaunty angle and a scarf around his neck.

    One horse drops behind.

  16. Ok Let me take a shot at this one, The King was Bran Of Ireland 740 AD 790 AD The color was Green Because of Ireland I’m guessing it was to keep his feet out of the mud and muck that makes up Ireland.

  17. JJ, A Bran King was a type of King. Their reign was for a year starting with the winter solstice. For a year they lived high. At the end of the year they were sacrificed or a new king was picked. Your Bran Of Ireland could have been a Bran King, but I don’t know. This started down around Greece. My source is “The White Goddess” by Robert Graves.

    So, the mystery continues. Why did Bran Kings wear high heels and for five extra points, what color were they?

    Not green.

  18. jj, I guess I didn’t explain myself very well. Yes, the Kings wore high heels to keep there foot from touching the earth, but why?

  19. #19 by MRambler

    Because they considered themselves Gods and they wore “Blue Suede High-Heeled Shoes”….

  20. Damn close MR.


    The King (Bran King) wore royal purple high heeled shoes so his sacred heel would not touch the earth being the symbolic descendant of Achilles…….”the Achilles heel”. I suppose all he really needed was one high heel shoe, only one heel was vulnerable. Would have looked a little weird with a limping King, but that’s another myth.

    Funny thing how the winter solstice played a roll in the Bran King, gods, and Jesus’ birthday.

  21. #21 by MRambler

    Too bad we’re not playing horseshoes or hand grenades, I would have received a few points for that…..

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