How Apple Beat The Beatles

A detailed summary of how Apple won can be found here.

2 Responses to “How Apple Beat The Beatles”

  1. To me, This whole infringement thing should have went one of two ways, but it went a third way which made many law firms much richer, will probably continue to make them richer, and further solidified my belief that we have some seriously screwed-up laws on the books….. The way this should have went was that Apple Corps should never have been given a trademark on such a common thing as an apple…. This is like calling your company A-1 or AAA to be sure it appears at the top of phone lists…. If the courts would have went this way in ’81, there would have been no settlement….. The other way it could have gone would have been to uphold Apple Corps trademark rights and forced Apple Computers to change it’s name and/or logo, but no-o-o, that wouldn’t make money for a bunch of parasites….. The people who are getting shafted on this deal are the consumers of the products of both companies, because you can be sure the court costs are passed on to the buyer….

  2. Remember the end of the Rutles, 100 lawyers filed into a room and only 3 came out alive ( Don’t quote me on the Numbers)
    But that is just what all this crap is all about How Many lawyers does it take to turn a Silly case into a media circus? i agree that The Beatles should not have been able to copyright the word Apple But the likeness of their particular logo and the name Apple Corps. And I see nothing in apple computers that is like the Beatles Logo.

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