E-QUIZ 8: Belladonna

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) in Italian means “beautiful lady”. How did it come by this name?

The answer to


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  1. I was going to take a guess at Aristotle, but I thought it was too obvious of an answer….. Dummy me, I won’t make that mistake again!…. Aristotle came to me while I was watching a Monty Python DVD yesterday….. The one with the world’s greatest philosopher’s playing soccer…… Now there’s you a reference source, Bruce……. eh?…….

  2. Hey, MRambler and everyone else, take as many guesses as you want. Doesn’t cost anything, no points deducted for wrong answers.

    Sorry, not Bruce. ( minus 5 points ) My source was “How to raise Earthworms For Profit And Retire Early”. Has an exciting chapter on red wigglers and compounding.

  3. I believe “Bruce” was a Monty Python reference, eh Bruce? “IIImmanual Kant was a real pissant….”

    Also Anon, please put the answer to the previous quiz in a comment on the previous quiz post. Some poor sole in the future might only see that post on an archaeological dig and never know the answer. How tragic!!!

  4. I asked Tarn and she said that a beautiful woman probably poisoned someone with it. BTW she already knew what belladonna in Italian was. Any points for that? 🙂

  5. So you think the woman did the dastardly deed…. eh? Jek?…. I know that women have been known throughout history to be vengeful, but, what if it was a beautiful woman that was poisoned instead?…..

    I’ve also got a tip for Anon – Why don’t you number or date these bloody quizzes in the title?….. It’s hard to find a certain previous one when they all have the same name….. Just a suggestion…..

  6. You guys want me to remember all that stuff! I have enough trouble remembering the answers to the quiz. OK, I posted the answer to the last quiz in its proper place so anybody 100 yrs from now will find it. Now all I have to do is figure out how to date quizez. How come it’s not automatically dated…Huh?

    Of course “Belladonna” means “beautiful lady”. Bella……beautiful. Donna…..lady (Madonna) It’s Italian. No,no one was poisoned. Minus five points for using Tarns answer.

    I suppose none of you has ever smoked belladonna. Doesn’t kill you. But, belladonna will make a lady more enchanting.

    Damn bunch of loobies.

  7. We are a bunch of loobies, aren’t we?….. You are right – They are dated, just not in the title, and we could live with that, but, if you don’t mind I will go back and number all of them and keep them current so you won’t have to worry about it because we don’t want you to stop posting them….. I might not know the answer, but I like the questions….

    Is that the answer – The feeling you get from smoking belladonna is how it got it’s name?….. So-o-o, are you saying ugly hookers carry it around to make more money?…. I don’t think I’ve ever smoked it, unless they put it in Camel cigarettes back when I was a smoker…..

  8. I’ll try to remember to date quizez.

    You are hitting around the right answer. Not the “feeling” but what makes a beautiful lady.

    Years ago there was a product you could buy over the counter for asthma….was a belladonna cigarette (“Asthmadores”). So, naturally, everyone was smoking them. Didn’t work and they stunk like hell.

  9. You don’t have to date them now….. If you will notice I numbered them for you – We’re up to number VIII (8)…. I’ll take care of them for you in the future – just keep ’em coming…..

    Was it like smoking Indian tobacco (that’s American Indian tobacco that grows wild around here)?…..

    All I can say about what “makes” a beautiful lady is that it usually takes a lot of money!…..

  10. If you mean “knick knick”, no. I’ve smoked that and is not all that bad. I mean it smelled/ tasted like skunk cabbage.


    Deadly Nightshade was given the name Belladonna because women once touched their eyes with it to make the pupils large and lustrous.

    A few years ago I read where psychologists studying romance and attraction found that when a person is enamored with another the pupils of the eyes dilate. Seems those Italian ladies were way ahead on that one.

  12. My Mom smoked asthmadores ..you are right .they did her no good and man did they ever stink.

  13. Asthmadores – I remember them well. Came in a real cool little flat box, back in the late 60’s early 70’s as I recall. Supposedly for asthma. Never had asthma so don’t have a clue whether they worked for that. The reason I bought them was for the reaction of others. Cause when you lit one of them up the eyes of every Pot Head in the room would begin to twinkle and a big smile would cross their face as they fantasized the feeling the scent was almost giving them. Reason – They smelled just like a really bad Joint and almost made you feel like you were getting a little Buzz on, they were so strong. Not though! Anyhow had a lot of fun watching those smiles give them away as the smoke made its way across the room – Dig!!! LOST in the 60’s Man ! ! ! Yeah Baby ! ! !

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