DID YOU KNOW…..I didn't think so…….Perfume

“Perfume means

simply ‘from smoke’ (Latin, per fumum), the first perfumes having been obtained by the

combustion of aromatic woods and gums. Their original use was in sacrifices, to counteract the offensive odours of burning flesh.”

14 Responses to “DID YOU KNOW…..I didn't think so…….Perfume”

  1. Would that be, “Keep your head out of the sacrifice if you can’t stand the smell”?…… I’ve been around a few people that smelled like they had just attended, or participated in, a sacrifice….. Just try being around construction workers, especially roofers, for thirty or so years….. Believe me, perfume would not help, but, it could be an explosive combination…..

  2. Ok Let me get this right. Brut/Old Spice, mixed with Pitch, throw in a little plastic…..Excuse me a minute………………………..RALPH……RALPH..(Uhh His name is Ralph Man.)[cheech/pedro]………..There goes my appitite.

  3. I try to learn you some Latin and see what happens.

  4. Remember what I said about us lower educated Okies. Although I must admit that My Missus(The Smartest person in my house) Did not know that one.

  5. Here’s another one. In the olden days the Greeks would carry a bunch of aromatic herbs when attending plays to cover offensive odors. MR, you should suggest they be standard issue for every job sight. A bouquet garni under every arm pit.

    You guys can ask the missus what a bouquet garni is or look it up in the other BIG BOOK…..”The Joy of Cooking”

  6. Does that have anything to do with the origin of the word “Garnish”

  7. Yeah, that leaves an image in my head that I care nothing about: A Garnished Roofer…… That would make a pungent “Scratch ‘n’ Sniff”….. Yuck!…. Thanks, Anon and J.J…….

  8. MR: You Started it.

  9. I guess if a roofer had a bouquet garni under each arm he would be garnished. A bouquet garni is a bundle of herbs used to make a fume. It just keeps going on doesn’t it. Fume….a stock for poaching fish.


    We’ve really sunk to the bottom on this one.

  10. Know anything about bottom feeders, Anon?…… What kind of “Garnish” would you use for bait?…… Would you actually be able to catch a J.J.?…….

  11. Would that be a stink bait?

  12. Can it get lower?

    If stink bait doesn’t work, try dough balls.

  13. Did you say Donuts?…… That would catch a J.J………

  14. No, Donuts would catch a Booker. Remember the words to “The House That Booker Ate Down” (copyright 1987 Too-Loose Productions)In order to catch the elusive J.J. you have to use BBQ.

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