DID YOU KNOW…..I didn't think so……..St. Patrick and the serpent

According to tradition, St Patrick cleared Ireland of it’s vermon; one old serpent resisted him, but St. Patrick overcame it by cunning. He made a box and invited the serpent to enter it. The serpent objected saying it was too small, but St. Patrick insisted it was quite large enough to be comfortable. After a long contention, the serpent got

in to prove it was too small, when St. Patrick slammed down the lid and threw the box into the sea. To complete this wonderful tale, the legend says the waves of the sea are made by the writhing of this serpent and the noise of the sea is that of the serpent imploring the saint to release it. From the BIG BOOK

4 Responses to “DID YOU KNOW…..I didn't think so……..St. Patrick and the serpent”

  1. Is this why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?…… I guess all the drinking is to make you feel like you’re on the waves of the sea, and, the next day hangover would be the noise of the sea…… Is anything mentioned about a 4-leaf clover?……

  2. Shamrock: The symbol of Ireland because it was selected by St. Patrick to prove to the Irish the doctrine of the Trinity. (Irish and Gaelic, seam-rog.)

    According to the elder Pliny, no serpent will touch this plant. (don’t count on it)

  3. No info on four leafer in big book.

  4. Sorry, I guess it is a Shamrock not clover…… The Shamrock would account for all the green beer and clothes…… That way, when you spill your green beer on your green clothes, nobody notices……

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