If You Want It…..

…..Here It Is….. At your local Chevy dealer….. Another Lennon/McCartney song (actually Paul wrote it for Badfinger) used in a TV commercial….. Thanks again, MJ!….. I wonder if the big execs ever watched the movie “Magic Christian”?…… The Badfinger version of this song is played over a scene where people are diving for money in a large tank of raw sewage!…… Chevy = Sewage?….. So, “Come And Get It”…… Sorry, all you GM fans out there, but, I’m MoPar (Chrysler Corp.) through and through…..

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  1. I heard it 3 times last night and 3 more today, I’m so sick of this crap. I’m gonna watch almost exclusively PBS.

  2. PBS is just about the only thing I watch, but you might want to wait. They are showing dead WAR bodies. Maybe it will get better.

  3. That is exactly what I am watching now, I have been looking forward to this series.(being a WWII Buff) I think that Ken Burns is one of the finest documentary film makers today.

  4. MR, I’m sure that was the intended use, when the lyrics were penned
    “A Fool and His Money”. Wonder why they don’t use that line in their commercial?

  5. That’s a big “Well, Duh”……. They wouldn’t want to alert the “Fool” that they only wanted his/her “Money”…… And all of it, too!……

  6. I just heard Macca’s “Let Em In” on a credit card commericial. I’m gonna be physically Ill.

  7. Eh. I’d get more worked up over a decent song. “Come and Get It” sounds like marketing shtick plain and simple.

    As far as recent Chrysler offerings, I recently drove a Dodge Caliber for a couple days. Twin cam 4-cylinder with a continuously variable transmission. What a PoS. There’s a reason Hondas are so popular.

  8. On the newer Chrysler stuff, you are probably right, HS….. I should re-phrase my comment – I’m an OLDER MoPar fan…… I am curious though – What was wrong with it?….. No power, bad handling, uncomfortable seating, etc., etc???…..

  9. Buzzy engine, cheap materials, cheesy design, ugly as hell.

    Handling is OK. The power is only fair, but it’s a 4 and a pretty heavy car. Power delivery is peculiar, though, which I guess is a result of the CVT. Step on the gas at any speed from 0-40 and you briefly get decent acceleration, and then it goes into gutless mode. The motor stays at 5K RPM, while the car slowly speeds up. Very strange but like scooters and half the motorcycles in Europe, I guess.

    Sorry, I guess this is OT.

  10. I actually love that song. I think the “Paul-only” version on Anthology (2 or 3?) is especially cool. But I’m almost certain I remember hearing that song on a commercial when I was growing up — before I even knew it was a “real song” or written by Paul.

  11. You may have heard it on a commercial for the “Magic Christian” movie…… As you know, The Beatles were totally against their music being commercialized, and, it wasn’t, until MJ secured the copyrights……. Yeah, the Paul demo is really great….. I heard it many years ago on a Beatles bootleg album called “Causalities”…. It was a “picture disc” with an alternate shot of the “Butcher Block” cover…… Check with Jek if you want to see it….. He has ALL my Beatles and the individual members collector LP’s and stuff…… FYI: A picture disc, for those youngsters out there, is a full-size photo laminated in a clear vinyl 33 1/3 Long Playing album disc…… Super cool at the time, and still is, as far as I’m concerned…… Anyone out there, besides Jek and I, who can name the official Beatles picture and color vinyl discs that EMI/Capitol released?……

  12. Can I Get in on this? also you want just the EMI/Capitol, Or the Parlophone also?

  13. 08/1978 Sgt Peppers Picture disc, 1962-1966 Red Vinyl, 1967-1970 Blue Vinyl, White Album White Vinyl. 05/1979 Magical Mystery Tour Yellow Vinyl, Abbey Road Green Vinyl, Let It Be White Vinyl.
    And even though it’s not a EMI-Parlophone/Capitol Release don’t forget my Very Rare Japanese Import Hard Days Night Soundtrack on Red Vinyl from ’65, It’s not a bootleg but a officially lisenced release I think thru UA.

  14. Good goin’, J….. Parlophone was owned by EMI, so their releases would count….. Parlophone was EMI’s comedy and special interest label….. Ain’t that weird? (Brother Dave version of Isn’t that weird?)….. EMI didn’t think British Rock ‘n’ Roll would amount to anything so they gave them to George Martin, who was one of the producers at Parlophone….. It had produced many comedy albums including Peter Sellers…..

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