Music Trivia 09.19.07

Ask and you shall receive MR: DEVO

1.What/Where was their 1st stage appearance?
2.What is the name of their 3rd Home Video release, that contains this performance?
3.Which album ends with the promoter unplugging their equipment?
4.Who Produced their famous album “Q:Are We Not Men? A: We Are DEVO.”
5.What was the name of their 1980 Televangelism Spoof?
6.In 1982 they performed in a film by a famous Songwriter/Artist. What was the name of this film?, What song of the artists did they perform in the film?
7.What 2 TV shows has Mark Mothersbaugh composed the music for?
8.What were the “Hats” that they wore Called?
9.What are the Brothers names?
10.What is Marks “Alter Ego”?

10 points. so Whip It, Whip It Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Responses to “Music Trivia 09.19.07”

  1. #1 by Randalf the Grey

    1. They first appeared on stage at Kent State University in 1973. 2. We’re All Devo. 3. DEVO Live: The Mongoloid Years. 4. Brian Eno. 5. Pray TV.
    6. Human Highway & Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black). 7. Pee Wee’s Playhouse & Rugrats 8. Energy domes. 9. Gerald & Bob Casale & Mark, Bob and Jim Mothersbaugh 10. Booji Boy

  2. RtG strikes while we are all asleep….. Sneaky….. I didn’t think you were that much of a Devo fan, or, do you just have “too much time on your hands”…… Welcome to the D-E-V-O fan club….. Now, let me look over all your answers and see if you might have missed something….. Might be able to salvage a negative point or two….. I saw Devo live on two different occasions….. Actually talked into it by a girlfriend, but, I did not regret it….. The music was just a small part of the stage show they put on…… You would have to had seen it to believe it….. It was great……

  3. Randalf: Don’t you ever sleep? You got all but #2. 9 pts for you, MR: I am interested how you are going to be able to spin this into Neg’s. BTW; Thanks for the subject for my next quiz. Styx.

  4. Mr. J-Do, a question on No. 2…… What performance are you referring to that is included in the video?…….

  5. The hats were plastic flower pots I believe.

    And they started as visual artists….which must explain the great videos and shows.

  6. According to my sources, The b/w film of the 1st kent state performance.

  7. BTW: I have no DEVOlution Magnetic Media/Digitalized Bytes and Bits (video) I look forward to talking and singing thru what U have sometime.

  8. #6 I was not as detailed in typing the question as i wanted to be, The artist that I was referring to was Neil Young. I have never seen this film, Devo played what was referred as “Nuclear Garbage men” MR: You got a copy?

  9. I know I have it on Beta and I’m fairly sure I have it on DVD….. Let me check and maybe we’ll get together and watch it over the week-end, J…….

  10. #10 by Randalf the Grey

    Actually, I’m not a big fan of the music of Devo, but they broke some “serious” ground for other performance artists such as Laurie Anderson and Blue Man Group. I was well prepared for this quiz because I read up on them after J.J.’s April quiz on “Dove, The Band Of Love”.

  11. Way t go Randalf, That is just what I want out of my quizzes for the community to investigate a artist and maybe put on an old recording that we maybe have forgotten that way we keep the music alive. Btw everybody # 2 is still up for grabs.

  12. J.J., you never did answer my question I made in Comment #4 concerning #2…… Maybe it’s time to give some hints?…. Nudge, Nudge…… eh?….

  13. Just my opinion. I think the Internet should not be used for these quizzes. Separate the wheat from the chafe (Almost Cut My Hair)

  14. I thought we all agreed by Community vote that the Internet was “off limits” for answers to the quizzes….. I know if I used the Internet, I would probably have the answer to #2 by now…… Find a book, make a trip to the library, call a friend, make a guess, etc., etc……. It’s a lot more educational and de-evolutional……

  15. #12 concerning your Comment #4 about Question #2. Look at comment #6.

  16. K folks, RTG gets 9 for this week, MR gets -20.
    #2 “The complete truth about De-volution.
    Remember only 2 left in this quarters quizzes.
    Hint: Brush up on your…………………… Bet ya thought I would huh.

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